Day eight reboot / Day 3 juicing: Still going strong

Well yay its working πŸ˜€ The results were almost immediate. And that is such a good thing!! I’m such an instant gratification person, and work better when I get immediate results πŸ˜€ Its day 8, and I’m on the third day of juicing only. I feel awesome, not a bit tired, not a bit hungry, and I’ve managed to lose 1.4 kilos (3.1 pounds). So that is entirely cool πŸ™‚

The first time I did a juice fast I felt revolting for a good week, I also didn’t gradually build up (down?) to just juicing either, I went cold turkey from lots of junk straight into the juice. But this time I feel great already, so either it’s because I was clearing out junk I’d accumulated over a LOOOOONG time and this time it’s only been a little while, or the stepping into it slowly has been the difference. Either way, yay!!!

The only negative I can feel (and it may or may not actually be related) is that my skin has gotten a bit dry. But that could also be because of the drop in temperature and me having hotter showers, so I decided to add a small handful of nuts, and also some chia seeds into my plan just to keep the omegas and good oils in the system. Can’t hurt πŸ™‚ Also satisfies the need to chew something (‘chewing’ liquid makes me feel a bit stupid* ;)).

So yay for the juice fasting, not sure how long I will go on for, if i can keep going like this, a while is my guess πŸ˜€

See ya xx

*chewing helps to release digestive enzymes, so because I am not actually chewing what I’m ‘eating’, I ‘chew’ the juice to help these get going…..


Day six reboot/day one juice only = success :D

Yup you read it right, success πŸ˜€ Yay I didn’t even cave in to garlic bread ha ha ha ha ha

Pretty happy with todays outcome really, I’ve had 4 out of 5 juices so far, with one saved for when I start studying in a minute, had my coconut water, my peppermint tea, although I disguised that as coffee, it didn’t work…..


And thats it πŸ™‚ Had a yum juice this afternoon, pineapple, lime, lemon, ginger and celery, that was good πŸ™‚ Had one carrot, ginger and apple juice and two of the green lemonade juices that I tried the other day, so far so good!

What I found really interesting was that I am not ‘hungry’. Not food hungry anyway. It’s a totally different feeling…

I watched a documentary the other night called Superjuice Me. Its like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in that it promotes juice as a way to get loads of nutrients into the body, but a bit different in that it takes 8 individuals with LOADS of diseases between them, and sees what difference a 28 day juice cleanse makes to their lives. And its AMAZING. I totally recommend giving it a watch, the link is here:

What really made sense from the documentary was this: Remember every time you have ever gone for like, Chinese food or something, and you stuff yourself stupid, then you get home and you are all kinds of hungry and could eat that whole entire thing over? Well if you think of your body as a whole bunch of cells needing nutrients to keep everything going and running properly, and then when they have enough power from food to run smoothly they switch off your hungry signals, well, your Chinese dinner doesnt do this. Instead, you eat all the food, you don’t take in any nutrients, and your cells say “well that was all very well and nice, but I’m still hungry for nutrients so give me more food!! I will make you eat until I have my nutrients!!!!” And so you are hungry again, despite your digestive system trying to work its way through the four plates from the buffet you just scarfed down.

So today I have had four juices. And I’m not hungry AT ALL. I have an ’empty’ feeling, but its not a real hunger that I would normally get, telling me to eat crackers and coffees and bread and salty food, its just not there today. I made dinner for my little boy, which looked and smelt really good, but I didn’t have the urge to eat anything myself, I just didn’t get the ‘it’s dinner time’ signals I usually get. I think my cells have said “good work, we are full now, you did good” πŸ˜€

And that is a happy thing πŸ™‚ Yay for day one juicing working out πŸ™‚


Day three reboot: hitting the 3 day wall

This is normal, detox/cleanse/diet procedure for me. Day three sucks. And it sucks bad. Even a TV ad will make me run down the street waving my money yelling “buy all the pizza!!!!!”. Its so very glamorous. My friend sent me an assignment she is doing, where she grows listeria on cheese. AllΒ  wanted after that was cheese, poisonous and bacteria infested, or not.

Today was absolutely no different. After staying up a fair bit later than I had planned last night for very important study time* (what, I had a double episode of Downton to catch up on!!) I was slightly wrecked all day, and being day three did not help me out one little bit. By day three I am a cranky, tired, salted-chip craving monster, and is ALWAYS the day I cave. ALWAYS.

SO considering what I had to work with today, I didn’t really do too badly. Some things worked out really well! I found a new favourite juice to add to the list, I only ate like, 4 chicken flavoured crackers (4!!! And it was a brand new box and everything!! Good job me!!) and my ‘dinner invention’, whilst not being on my menu, did include all of the ingredients from one of the meals I was supposed to eat, with a couple of extras thrown in.

So food today:

Lemon water and a berry smoothie. I was suppose to have a green smoothie, but *gag* I hate those things. So I made my go to favourite, from blueberries, raspberries, coconut water, oat milk and chia seeds.


Mmmmmmm yum πŸ˜€

Next was morning tea. Check out the colour of that, that’s not enhanced in any way, that’s just bright green goodness in a jar. Its called Green Lemonade, and consists of kale, spinach, lemon, apple, cucumber and celery. One of the best juices ever, I don’t love sweet stuff so this one is great for when I really don’t want a sweet juice πŸ™‚


Oh!!! And notice I got new stainless steel drinking straws!! They are super cool, I picked these up at the health food shop here for $9.95 for two plus a cleaning brush, odd how excited I am feeling about some new drinking straws right now πŸ˜€


And…. I’m just noticing I don’t have a photo of my lunch. I don’t actually think I HAD any lunch. I had my juice right on lunch time, then I had the second one, and nothing in between. Hmmmmm.

And then we come to dinner. It was supposed to be pumpkin with mushrooms and onions and garlic, but instead I might have made this:


So this is: Pumpkin, broccoli, mushrooms, coriander, laksa paste, low fat coconut milk, water and dried shallots. Not TOOOO bad…. Right? Its all still plant based, and thats what I’m standing by tonight. It could have been worse, everyone else ate sausages. I was *this close*!!!!!! :/ Stupid day 3!!!!!

SO that was my day, I am supposed to study tonight but am wrecked. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.


Day one reboot: Done :)

So, day one of reboot. Really not as bad as you might think!! I would say that its the day they pump you so full of vegetables that it tricks you into thinking that this is going to be easy, theres heaps of food, you are so full you don’t need junk, you are doing great!!! Then you look at tomorrows menu and go well, that’s considerably less food than day one. And that keeps going until you see day five, which is basically all liquids, still not all juice, there is a smoothie and a soup thrown in, but you can see how it works. Hmmm. At least its not a huge big “eat all the foods!!!!!” binge the night before (which may be what I did last night, oops!) then straight into juicing, it steps you in gently, which I really like πŸ™‚


So, food today:


This is also breakfast for tomorrow, I didn’t eat two πŸ˜€ Apples, raspberries, sultanas (will give those a miss next time!!) and cinnamon, baked in the oven for 45 minutes. Before this I had a huge jar of lemon water with slices of ginger πŸ™‚


Morning tea: Carrot, apple and ginger juice, had another one of these for afternoon tea too, delicious πŸ˜€



Hugest lunch ever!!!! Garlic sweet potato chips with pink salt, with a big salad. Also yum πŸ˜€

So yeah, juice for afternoon tea, and was so full I didn’t really want dinner!!!

Still made it though, and ate it:


The actual thing I was supposed to eat was a kale and avocado salad, with another whole sweet potato made into chips, but I couldn’t have fit that in if I tried. So instead I opted for the coleslaw made from ingredients in the salad, a small potato over the sweet potato, sliced and baked into chips, the avocado, tomato and onion from the salad on top of the chips. Sooooo yum πŸ˜€

And, now I am super full. Day one is a success πŸ˜€

See you tomorrow!!!! πŸ™‚ xx


A few of my favourite recipes :)

After sharing one of my most favourite recipes at the moment with a friend just now, I thought maybe I would share a couple of the things Ive been making lately with all of you πŸ™‚ Ive been a bit of a crap vegetarian lately, some bacon and other things snuck its way back in. And I’m not one for a piece of lean meat, my tastebuds like the ‘who even knows whats in that’ type of concoctions you can get from the supermarket deli like salami and deli ham…. So in the spirit of regaining my energy, out goes the salty yumness of salami and in comes the deliciousness of huge zucchinis (did I just say zucchinis are delicious? I need to lay down :D) and lentils and a surprise dessert that was really good on my fruit-only day I made from hardly anything!!


So the first recipe is YUM. Its not raw but it is vegetarian, and vegan if you add something other than cream to it, like a soy or non-dairy yoghurt. If you like tandoori, and a bit of spice, this is great, and if you divide the mixture between three it works out at 166 calories per serve, and with 3 papapdums is 260, and provides protein and fibre to your diet.

Tandoori Lentils

1 onion, chopped finely

1 tablespoon tandoori paste

1 cup Massel brand chicken stock (I use this one as its vegan but you can use any)

1/2 can diced tomatoes (if I have very ripe tomatoes I make my own, but this is easy and cheap if you don’t)

100g red lentils

60mL light cream (or non dairy yoghurt if you would like this to be vegan)

microwave papadums

spray oil

Lightly spray a saucepan with oil and cook onions on med-high until soft. Add tandoori paste and cook until fragrant. Add lentils, stock and tomatoes, reduced heat and simmer for about 20 mins, or until lentils are soft. Add cream and stir through, and thats it. Super simple!! Cook your papadums, I’m not a fan of microwaves, I barely use mine, but this is the lowest fat way to make papapdums, just spray with oil and microwave for 50 seconds. If you don’t like as much spice you can add some natural yoghurt on top, or a nice cucumber salad, whatever you like really! Its one of those things you can add vegetables too, and just experiment with πŸ™‚


The next thing Ive been making a lot lately is also vegetarian, and that is Zucchini Fritters. You can use whatever flour you like, Ive been using self raising gluten free flour, but am going to try some other ones soon and see how I go with those πŸ™‚ This is another recipe you can throw whatever vegetables you have into it, I like these but have also tried with grated pumpkin, peas etc.

Zucchini Fritters

400g zucchinis

2 medium carrots

1 potato

30g tasty cheese (you can leave this out if you like but I crave salt, and cheese is the hardest thing ever for me to give up, so I just have it in little quantities)

3 spring onions

1 free range egg, beaten

1/2 cup self raising flour of your choice

Salt and pepper

Spray oil

Grate up the zucchinis, carrots, potato and cheese, mix with finely chopped spring onions. Mix through the flour and egg, and some salt and pepper to season. Spray a pan on medium heat and drop big spoonfuls of the mixture into it and press down to flatten. Turn and cook the other side. They do take a little while but don’t be tempted to turn the heat up, the outside will burn and the middle wont be cooked. Serving with some mashed avocado and a salad is nice πŸ™‚


Now this dessert was surprisingly awesome, is also vegetarian and super YUM. It can be made vegan by substituting honey for a different sweetener like maple syrup or dates, but I found I was getting right over dates in recipes, so I gave honey a go for this recipe.

Avocado Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse

1 avocado

2 teaspoons honey

2 heaped teaspoons raw cacao powder

2 heaped tablespoons frozen or fresh raspberries

Put avocado, honey and cacao in a food processor, blend until smooth. Add raspberries, mix gently, then decorate with a few more, and eat. EASY. And was surprisingly yum, even got my little boy to eat some, looks just like a regular chocolate dessert πŸ˜€ I had this for dinner on my fruit-only day, it was amazing and filling too!! Play around with the sweetener if its too bitter from the cacao, I like a bitter chocolate with the raspberries but not everyone is like me πŸ™‚


So they are three of my most favourite things to make at the moment, and so simple, let me know what you think!!

Only five weeks until Pilates school now, massive nerves are setting in, excitement too, but mostly nerves πŸ™‚ Will get back on here this week for a few more posts hopefully, hope you are all having a great weekend!!


Something cool :)

I’m back! Let the blog posts recommence! I don’t know how many times I have said something like this, I apologise, but life happens and I can’t always find the time to write (or sometimes there is just not that much to say!!) but I do love it and I’m back πŸ™‚ I have done my big uni exam on nutritional physiology, one more exam to go before I start uni again for the year, and today I have found a little bit of time to post stuff on my blog and facebook page πŸ™‚ Yay!


So…. the juice fast. I didn’t stick to it. In the past I would have beat myself up over that, but you know what, its just not the time. What I have done however is start cycling my food, so I have a fruit only day, a veggie only day (including cooked vegetables, lentils etc) and a juice day, where I have juice the whole day and a meal at night time. And its working, I lost 2 kilos in 10 days, and am feeling really good. And I’m sticking to it, its easy πŸ™‚

I have just been to see my doctor, am so lucky to have found one that is a good listener, who listens to my concerns and finds solutions for me that keep in line with my health beliefs. He offered me Duromine and Xenical (I have tried both before) and I said a great big no thanks, so instead he has referred me to an endocrinologist…. Finally, its been YEARS I have said I needed to see one, maybe this one will have some answers….

So, today I want to share something awesome with you all πŸ™‚ Remember the raw blueberry cheesecake I made, from the Deliciously Ella blog page? Well, she has an iPhone app, with easy access to all of her recipes!!!! So fantastic!!!!

This is the link, I downloaded it straight away (was $5.49 for all of her beautiful recipes, all with photos, BARGAIN), and I love it πŸ™‚

her fb page:

and her site:

And in case you have forgotten or havent read my blog post about the ‘cheesecake’, here is the photo of the one I made from her recipe, in case you need any more convincing to get this great app:


See? Get, it, get it NOW πŸ˜€

Will be posting recipes of other yum stuff Ive been making too later today and during this week, hope you like them!!






Day four juice fast: Oil and what it can do for you

Day four has been hard, it always is. So I had a soy chai this morning which kept me super full and back on track, as well as some tomatoes with pepper and pink salt, some fruit, and some salad veggies for dinner. That fixed that, and will be back to juice tomorrow πŸ™‚

Anyhow, what I want to talk about today is oil. Not the greasy saturated stuff that you cook your chips in, but the natural, plant and nut derived stuff that can be totally beneficial for your health and you body.

There are huge debates over the use of oils in the diet, but one thing is for sure, you need these oils to live. As you know (or may not know) I am studying nutrition at uni, so here is a brief rundown (in my very special Daisy language) of what I know so far:

You have 2 types of cholesterol in your system, the HDL and the LDL. Not all fats are bad,Β  your system is made up of them, membrane walls, your brain, and even hormones all get help from cholesterol from good fats.

The LDL cholesterol is the type that builds up in your arteries, and can cause health risks and issues like strokes, heart attacks, and are provided to you by excess of saturated animal fats from meat, dairy and eggs, and the HDL are your ‘good’ cholesterols, which come from fish and plant oils, your body even produces this stuff itself in the liver to help you, they actually sweep through your system, collecting the bad cholesterol and flushing it out for you. It can be easy to have an imbalance, even if you eat a fantastic diet, as cholesterol levels can be hereditary, and is important to get these things checked.

Basically the build up in your system occurs when you are not taking in enough of the good oils, and are consuming too many of the bad ones. Examples of ‘good’ oils are the omegas found in fish, nuts, seeds and plants, things like avocado and almonds and walnuts. Although these are good oils, they should still be eaten in moderation, like anything really, as they do have a high calorie count (not great if you are watching your weight). Half an average avocado can be up to 140-150 calories, and I definitely know how easy it is to eat a whole one of those!! That being said, they are also a filling snack with many nutrients and vitamins, and obviously a better choice to have one of those beautiful green pear shaped fruits than a bag of chips πŸ˜€

So I’ll tell you how I use oils the most: I cleanse and moisturise my skin with it, I oil-pull, and I make raw, vegan chocolate. I occasionally use it as a hair serum too.

So my whole entire skin regime is in a bottle of oil. I have no cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams, hand creams, I own none of that. I used to work in a pharmacy where I got all of my Dior skin care stuff for free, I had BUCKETS of skin care stuff, with a lotion or potion for EVERYTHING. And now all I have is my $9 bottle of avocado oil in the upstairs bathroom, and my $5 bottle of macadamia oil in the downstairs one πŸ˜€

I massage in about a 50c coin size of oil onto my face, then I rinse a face washer under a hot tap, squeeze it out, and rest it on my face for about a minute, then wipe off the oil. Then I rinse it again, rest it on my face again, and wipe it off. Thats my cleansing done. Then I get about a 5c coin size drop of oil, rub it in my hands, and pat it all over my face and neck. Thats my moisturising done. And that is all I need.

My skin has never been better in my entire life, my pores are smaller and not as dark, I don’t get the big pimples anymore, I’m not as shiny or oily (how odd you might say, but have a think about this: oil and water don’t mix. You cook something oily and pour water in the frypan to soak and what do you see? A gross big oily residue sitting on top when you eventually get around to washing it. Same goes for skin. You wash your face with water and your natural skin oils sit on the top and protect everything underneath it, so effectively NOT washing your face and leaving dirt and build up on your face. So what do you do? You add a cleanser, full of chemicals and detergents and junk to dissolve the oil and wash the dirt away. You know what your skin does? It has a mini freak out and says “OH MY GOD, WHERE HAS MY OIL GONE??” and then goes and produces more of the same of what you just washed away, and then some. Particularly if you are an oily skin type and you wash your face often. Ever wondered why you might have oily skin? Because you may be washing away the oil your skin wants, so it goes into over-producing mode and gives you a whole bunch more because you NEED it. With oil cleansing, you are giving your skin oil, oil dissolves in oil giving it a great clean, then you are giving it a bit back. Your skin stops producing as much, and you actually look and feel less oily. TRUE STORY. If you don’t believe me, try it for 2 weeks, and tell me I’m wrong.)

IMG_4009I’d like to know when in the history of EVER did my skin ever look better or clearer than this? I think the answer is that it hasnt, and I was sick the day I took this photo too ha ha ha ha ha πŸ˜€

The second (and more weirder thing) I do with oil is oil pulling. If you haven’t heard of this, read here:

I actually started it because some research said it may help to clear up sinus issues. For me it didn’t, but I got hooked on it after I saw how white my teeth got!!!! Here is a photo of my teeth as I sit here at my computer, I have not enhanced it in any way, and yes, I am aware they need work but whatever, they are WHITE.


Not even my old peroxide teeth whitening stuff got that result….. In the article I posted it says to rinse your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and stuff after you brush, I’ve never done that, just a really good rinse under hot water and air dried it and it is good to go. I have also noticed a lot less wisdom tooth infections and pain since I started too… worth a shot if any of you out there get that!!

The last thing on my DEFINITELY HAVE TO TRY THIS WITH OIL list is the raw vegan chocolate. Now, loads of people are on the ‘coconut oil is the greatest invention ever made and it will save the entire planet from everything ever’ bandwagon, but here is my opinion: It is an oil. It is a medium chain fatty acid, which is a heck of a lot better for you than a long chain fatty acids which are your saturated fats. Shorter chain fatty acids are your plant based oils are are good for your health. So coconut oil, while it is saturated, is medium chain, so right there in the middle of good and bad, its digested more readily by the body and doesn’t reach your gall bladder, which is great if you have issues with that. Where all the crazy hype comes in I’m not so sure about that, but I know for making recipes and having something yum, I know that I would prefer to put something in like coconut oil.

So, chocolates. I have posted this before, but I’m going to do it again (and probably again, and again, its that good). It is my go-to recipe that I use all of the time when I want chocolate. I’m not a big sweet tooth, I would prefer a pizza any day over chocolate, but when you get an urge you gotta have it πŸ˜€ This recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make, is super simple, you can add ingredients to it like puffed rice, dried cranberries and almonds (my favourite stuff to put in!!) and you only need a few small pieces to curb that craving πŸ˜€

This is a photo of the ones I make all of the time:


So there are my three favourite things about oil. Give them a go, you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!