Day Sixty Four: The magic pills

Hi hi! You may have noticed its been a long time in between posts, I’ve had no internet (AGAIN!!!) thanks to a bubba that can turn on a galaxy tablet, open YouTube, find BluCollection (if you don’t know him and you love Disney Pixar Cars figurines, do yourself a huge favour and have a look, I love it too ha ha ha ha ha) and watch a stack of it, losing valuable internet downloads into oblivion. Yeah, I let him….. He loves it 🙂

So the title of today’s post is all about the small miracle in a bottle that I have come across in my pursuit of balancing out these stupid hormones that run rampant through me and make me a bit of a cranky. Its called Diindolylmethane (DIM)  and according to it “is a substance created as a result of digesting foods containing indole-3-carbinol – which can be found in broccoli, cabbage and certain other vegetables.”

Whatever it is called or where it comes from doesn’t matter to me, for me the promise of balanced estrogen (I have normal range estrogen, but low progesterone, which makes the estrogen ‘dominant’ to the level of progesterone i make) sounded pretty good and I was keen to give it a try. I read soooo many reviews of people it had helped with the same symptoms as me, and for the same price of the synthetic progesterone hormone I was talking that had little effect to my hormone levels (but huge effect to my poor skin) I thought it was worth a shot. And a week in, I can completely say it was.

On the second day I took it I had already noticed increased energy. When you have a three year old ANY increase in energy is good. I put my iPhone on the dock and we danced for an hour. We ran around (I don’t do running for ANYONE), we played cars and trains all day. At 4pm, I wasn’t tired. Which was very odd. I wasn’t tired at 8pm either.

On the third day bubba woke up at 7.00am. He doesn’t do that very often, he takes after his mum and loves his sleeping, so this was about an hour and a half off my sleep time, and I’ve been getting to bed around midnight as I’m in full study mode. And guess what, I felt fine. I wasn’t cranky. I wasn’t tired. We went out for morning tea again and had a very nice day. I am feeling really good.

The one ‘negative’ about it is that SOME people haven’t figured out that all of a sudden I’m in a good non-tired mood. I guess its been so long with me being a cranky-head that its just assumed that the second I open my eyes that I’m a bit mad. Not true any more, yay!!! So here is the broadcast: I feel fine 😀 I even cranked out a 700+ calorie workout at 9.45 the other night. Been a long time since I did that!!!!!

So, these are what my magic pills look like:


My one big hope is that they keep working the same, for a really long time. The vegetables mentioned as ingredients I am going to include more of in my diet too, it can only help!!!

So that’s my good news 🙂 I cant believe its day sixty four already, I can’t see a massive difference in how I look so much, but obviously how I feel is a lot better, especially after cutting out some things that for me were causing a fair bit of inflammation. I think that’s the key, not all these fad diets and stuff, just get really in tune with how your body reacts to certain things and cut down on the ones causing problems. At the moment I have identified something big that is causing a great deal of fatigue and generally feeling pretty awful after consuming it actually, but because habits are habits I don’t want to give it up, and will be very sad when I do. Its my coffee.

I love my coffee. Well, my faux coffee. I have Swiss water treated decaf with oat milk. Instantly after finishing a cup I could go to sleep. For hours. I think its just too heavy and sucks my brain energy down into the belly trying to digest and get through this ginormous cup of oat milk and coffee I’ve just poured ‘down the hill’ (which is what bubba calls eating food and it going into the belly, he is going to make a great doctor someday 😀 ) For me, my cup of coffee is such an emotional thing, my husband makes it for me, always has, and he really likes making it. Its our ‘thing’ that we drink the coffee, well, that’s how I feel about it, and to give it up will make me really sad 😦 I have tried having smaller ones, it helps a little bit, but its just not the same. Its funny how you can get emotionally attached to a habit or food and you continue to do it because of the feelings attached, even when it makes you feel completely crap.

Anyways, not much of a change in food and haven’t really tried anything new this week, will be working on that again soon 🙂 I’m off to do a microbiology test now for uni, wish me luck 🙂



Day Fifty Eight: EAT ALL THE FOODS!!!

By the time I got home yesterday, I just wasn’t hungry. I hadn’t eaten any solid food for almost 2 days, and for some reason I just wasn’t hungry. The results I got from the cameras were kinda good, kinda not, in that nothing was wrong, but there is still no explanation why I cant eat gluten, wheat, starchy vegetables, white rice, soy etc without looking six months pregnant and a fair amount of discomfort and pain :/ And not even big amounts either, like seriously half a boiled potato :/

So the doctor guy has taken a biopsy of my stomach and I will know something when I go to see him in eight weeks. So until then its ‘diet is go time’ as usual. So last night, having to eat some plain stuff, I had a Quorn and mushroom pie and some crackers. Then this morning I got a bit hungry and ate this:


Pear, celery, cucumber, green apple and watermelon juice

Then we went and tried out the new cafe just down the hill from where we live, it looked like this:


where the bubba and I had morning tea, they don’t have decaf yet so I settled for a skim chai, which was super yum


and bubba had a cookie 🙂


Then for lunch I had half a sandwich and some crackers, and then dinner I had half a vegetarian pizza I made


and THIS:


Oooh that was super naughty but well worth it, and I would say I caught up on those two days of non eating pretty fast :/ Back to the plan tomorrow 🙂 It was nice to have a family dinner for a change where we all sat together and didn’t just eat separately, so it was totally worth it 🙂

So back to the drawing board on the stomach issues, am just going to resign myself to the fact that I cant eat the stuff I used to and thats just how it is. I’m pretty fed up with problems being there and no answers, and I don’t feel like pushing for answers anymore. Ive been doing it for years and its time to just do what works. It wont kill me to eat super cleanly, it will only make me more inventive. And use up internet hours searching for awesome recipes. Its all good. 🙂


Day Fifty Six: Wow….

Yeah, so today has been pretty annoying. Zero food. I have had three bowls of my packet Thai soup, minus any veggies or noodles, so basically strained water and flavour. I have also had a celery, cucumber and apple juice, let it sit there for a while so it separated out, spooned all the foam off the top and drank the clear stuff. And a bunch of ginger beer and some sugar free lollies. Oh, and a stack of water. Thats it.

Plus one of the most vile tasting substances ever, the Picoprep drink sachets I’ve had to have to ‘clean out all the junk’. Wow, if you have never had one of these, you are the luckiest person right now to me, cause WOW. Just WOW. Everyone always said they were bad, I have a pretty high tolerance for stuff other people cant handle, but this is seriously revolting stuff. Try the texture of ground chalk, mix in a glass full of seawater, add a spoonful of electrolyte powder and top it off with some really awesome chemically produced aspartame, and you might get close. Ive just had the second one and I’m starting to feel pretty ill, oh, it was just so gross.

So my thoughts right now are: I’m cleaned out, and I wont be putting junk back in. Here is my chance to start fresh. I have all the stuff I need to juice with here, ingredients to make raw treats and foods, am back on the path 😀 This morning, all of a sudden, my facebook was flooded with all of these awesome raw food and vegetarian recipes from the multitude of pages I’m on, so I spent a bit of time looking at super yum recipes and food. It’s like the universe knew I was having a a zero food day, and thought it would help me out by showing me a million things I wanted to eat 🙂 Even things like eggplant, which I SO don’t like, looked really awesome this morning…

So tomorrow, hopefully these doctor guys find out something to explain whats been going on, there is nothing worse than having symptoms and then being told that they didn’t find anything and they have no idea. I hate that. Its been the story of my life. Wish me luck xx

Day Fifty Five: Its white and yellow day

That was my fun menu for today, white and yellow. The exact list I was given was: white bread, chicken/meat/fish, eggs, potatoes. I eat exactly NONE of those things, with the exception of eggs maybe once a week, I’m not the biggest fan of eggs…. So this posed a bit of a problem for me. I have had eggs, clear soup, my green juice (which I was told I was allowed to have but I had to strain it until it was almost clear, and will be almost all I have tomorrow) and I snuck in a Dr Pepper, sooooo not good for me, but I rarely have them.

So tomorrow is clear liquids and soups day, followed by the fun Picoprep drink which I have been assured are the grossest drink ever. Its all worth it to know whats going on in the belly though 😉 Its funny, the whole list for white foods, other than the eggs, are all things that aggravate my stomach and make me puff out to look six months pregnant, they are a funny thing to give to someone with these kind of symptoms!!

So no new food photos today, or tomorrow, cause there will be no food!!! Hoping that someone tells me what they find after i wake up on Tuesday afternoon will keep you posted 🙂

All of this talk about my health and starting up my studying again, particularly nutritional physiology, has set me thinking about what I want out of ‘my diet’ and where to start after ‘the cameras in the belly day’. Stay tuned 😀

Photo on 2013-07-21 at 21.20 #2


Day Fifty Two: So so so busy….

Wow, day 52 already? Time flies when you are flat out busy every day all of a sudden!! I apologise for the lack of posts lately, uni has started up again and for some reason I thought taking on 3 subjects this session would be a fun idea. I’m a crazy, crazy person :/ In the past week so many things have happened, never a dull moment around here.

First off, a sad thing, I have temporarily (but more likely for a pretty long time) shut down my hobby cake making business 😦 I love it, but I need to focus on my health and my family and my studies a lot more than I need to stay up until two in the morning covering the kitchen and myself in sugar. It makes me sad, but something had to go 😦

The second thing is, you know this cold I’ve had for 8 weeks? It’s not a cold. Not a surprise (my health issues just don’t surprise me anymore 😦 ), so have been referred to an ear throat and nose doctor to see whats going on inside those nose holes of mine to make me not be able to breathe all that well, and as of this week, hear either :/ I feel like I’ve been in the swimming pool and the water hasn’t cleared out of my ears, and I’m listening to the whole world with ear plugs in.

I had my anaesthetist appointment today too, all ready for day hospital on Tuesday to see whats going on in the belly. As I’m studying nutritional physiology this session I thought it might be cool if they actually record what you see on the cameras, getting that and having a look, but was told they only take photos of things of particular interest and it’s really quite boring. Boo. Would have liked to see whats on the inside!!!

So what else…. I haven’t lost any weight. I also haven’t been exercising, so not a real big surprise there. Am really feeling like it at times through the day, but then it gets to the time when I can actually do it and I’m wrecked and don’t. Need to work on that.

Food is ok, have been having a few sneaky things, but all in all its been ok. IMG_1055

This isn’t what I ate today, but I had this two nights ago, I love making the spring rolls soooooo much, and baking them in the oven is way better than grilling like I was doing, so good 😀 Who said you have to deep fry these things?

This is what I had today, amongst other things:


Raw cacao, stevia, loads of ice, oat milk, coconut oil, shredded coconut and coconut essence, my ‘Golden Rough’ smoothie 🙂

And this was my dinner tonight, its my ‘cheating’ meal where I get this Thai soup mix and just add veggies, its like 200 calories in total or something, probably too much sodium but Ive been lacking inspiration to cook lately and this takes seriously 4 minutes to make and doesn’t react badly with my belly, so that’s a huge plus 😀 Oh, and its super yum!!


Thai soup mix with baby spinach, mushrooms and spring onions

Anyhow, I better get back to my microbiology book and lecture, these things wont learn themselves. Am thinking of starting a facebook page, I come across soooo many recipes and cool pages and stuff in my day, am thinking it might be great motivation for myself (and others) to keep going and especially in trying to reach my raw food goals eventually. I need a cool name, any suggestions?

Have a good day 😀


Day Forty Five: At least I’m learning something….

Yup. I am learning something. I started this blog to keep me accountable with what I eat because I need to lose weight. But I haven’t lost very much, I’ve just been too not well to put in a huge effort exercise-wise, which is what I really need to do right now 😦 But the change in food has been really interesting, and for that I think I am actually happier than if I had lost a stack of kilos at this stage, because it broke the cycle of my old eating, and has started new habits which I have had since I was a young teenager. A HUGE win for me 😀

To me, since I was about 12 or so, being alone in the house meant ‘opportunity to eat’. I would go nuts, and try some of EVERYTHING in the cupboard. As I became an adult it meant the same, but in bigger quantities, seeing as I made the dollars at work, therefore I could spend it how I liked on whatever junk food I liked. As a stay at home mum/student/cake maker/everything now, I still would feel that being alone meant EAT ALL THE FOODS!!! And now, by some food fairy miracle, the cycle has been broken, since I started writing this blog. I don’t know what has changed, granted there are no cakes or anything super bad in this house at the moment, but there ARE crackers and dip and salty foods and bread and cheese and all the stuff I would have usually have had a pretty big field day with seeing as its late at night, bubba is asleep and I’m alone. I just went to the kitchen though, had a look around in there, drank some coconut water, ate a vegan chocolate duck, and came back to write my blog and check my facebook for the thousandth time today. And then had the thought that hang on…. what just happened?

So to me that is a bigger breakthrough than any kilo I could have lost lately, that has been a 20 year habit Ive been needing to break, and all of a sudden, my good habits have kicked in and outweighed the automated ‘open cupboard, eat all the foods, close cupboard’ habit I had. I’m happy 🙂 It feels good.

Today I started back with my juice, I have had food also, but the juice definitely agreed with me 🙂 I have also swapped the coconut oil I was using on my face for cold pressed avocado oil, I was getting a bunch of blocked pores and lumps and bumps, since the swap its sooo much better 🙂 I don’t love the smell as much as the coconut though.


Todays yum juices, just the usual, you guys are prob getting sick of seeing green and purple juice photos all the time hey 😀

My bubba likes to have matching things to me or his dad, so we got matching keeper coffee cups, he has water in his, lemon water in mine, just thought I’d share 😀


Have a good day all 🙂


Day Forty Four: Been non-baking up a storm :)

Thats my new hobby 😀 As a hobby baker, who makes loads of cakies and cookies and all the yummy stuff we all like to eat, I’m having to substitute the flour and the butter and the sugar for better things, especially now that my belly does not want to tolerate them as it once did. So I am now a hobby NON-baker 🙂

Going with the raw food ideas of not heating anything above approx 50 degrees (its 118 F so its like, 47 point something C) I have tried to think of new things I can make that are still super yum, and its HARD. There are so many awesome recipes around, and I will admit some of this raw food business is a bit frustrating because it requires seeing into the future to see what I might like to eat, and start making things a day or two ahead, whereas my normal thinking used to be ‘hmmmmm: CAKE’ and then I would whip one up faster than a Masterchef contestant and there it would be, sitting on my table in all its yummness.

Am glad that my friend posted her chocolate recipe, that has already been an awesome addition to my cookbook, today I made a batch and have limited myself to one a day (lucky its so rich and chocolatey and I’m not a big chocolate person anyhow, so this is actually an easy) and added puffed rice into some of them, they look like this:



These are pretty super yum 😀

I also made these today, raw cacao truffles, they are also super yum:


I was on one of the raw food pages i joined on facebook the other day and someone was asking how everyone who eats raw vegan foods aren’t fat and unhealthy with the amount of oil and nuts and things in the foods, I don’t know, it would just seem like common sense to me but you aren’t supposed to eat this whole plate of truffles, or eat like raw cheesecake every day (the ‘cheese’ part of a raw vegan cheesecake is cashews BTW) just like any other dessert ‘in real life’. Common sense people.

Yesterday my dried fruits were ready, and last night this was my dessert:


Oat milk decaf as usual, with 2 pieces of dried banana, and 3 pieces of dried pear. Not a chemical in sight of that fruit, magic 😀

Oh and dinner tonight was this, in case you think Ive been eating sweet stuff all day ha ha ha ha ha:


A non raw (re: yup it was cooked ha ha ha ha) pumpkin and baby spinach risotto.

I think have have my treaties covered at the moment, which is really good, just to get back on the juicing. I’ve also noticed my water intake has dropped off because its freezing and cold and winter, so I have to step that back up too. Lots of work to do….