Day two reboot: Is it juice time yet?

So day two wasn’t as good as day one. Similar food, but I had to change some things around, I’m a textural eater, I like crunchy things, so all of these soft vegetables I ate today had a bit of a gag factor for me. I did add a tortilla because dinner was not going to do it for me today, I actually would have rathered a juice, bring on the juicing!!!!!!

So todays food:

Same breakfast as yesterday. I was totally right about the sultanas. Blerk.


Morning and afternoon teas were the greenest juice ever, and so yum!! Kale, cucumber, celery and pear, this one was GOOD 😀 Threw some chia seeds in for a few omegas, I highly recommend this juice:




Lunch and dinner, not so great. Was supposed to have a raw carrot and ginger soup, but i had sweet potato left from yesterday, so thought I better not waste it, so I made the chips again. Then I put avocado on top. Ate about a third before I hated it, and put it in the fridge to invent something for dinner.



And invent I did. Enter a tortilla (definitely not on the list, but needed the crunch or I was going to eat something really bad…)

Put the sweet potato and avocado, leftover coleslaw from yesterday, and chopped up half a tomato and some onion, wrapped it up and toasted. Did the job (like, I’m full) and didn’t make me gag from soft vegetables, also not bad….


Looking forward to tomorrow when there is more juice involved, yay!!!!!!!


Oh, and this happened today. Im all set, exciting!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.04.01 am_2



See you guys tomorrow xx More juice!!!!!!!





Day one reboot: Done :)

So, day one of reboot. Really not as bad as you might think!! I would say that its the day they pump you so full of vegetables that it tricks you into thinking that this is going to be easy, theres heaps of food, you are so full you don’t need junk, you are doing great!!! Then you look at tomorrows menu and go well, that’s considerably less food than day one. And that keeps going until you see day five, which is basically all liquids, still not all juice, there is a smoothie and a soup thrown in, but you can see how it works. Hmmm. At least its not a huge big “eat all the foods!!!!!” binge the night before (which may be what I did last night, oops!) then straight into juicing, it steps you in gently, which I really like 🙂


So, food today:


This is also breakfast for tomorrow, I didn’t eat two 😀 Apples, raspberries, sultanas (will give those a miss next time!!) and cinnamon, baked in the oven for 45 minutes. Before this I had a huge jar of lemon water with slices of ginger 🙂


Morning tea: Carrot, apple and ginger juice, had another one of these for afternoon tea too, delicious 😀



Hugest lunch ever!!!! Garlic sweet potato chips with pink salt, with a big salad. Also yum 😀

So yeah, juice for afternoon tea, and was so full I didn’t really want dinner!!!

Still made it though, and ate it:


The actual thing I was supposed to eat was a kale and avocado salad, with another whole sweet potato made into chips, but I couldn’t have fit that in if I tried. So instead I opted for the coleslaw made from ingredients in the salad, a small potato over the sweet potato, sliced and baked into chips, the avocado, tomato and onion from the salad on top of the chips. Sooooo yum 😀

And, now I am super full. Day one is a success 😀

See you tomorrow!!!! 🙂 xx


Ready to Reboot :)

Hi hi! I’ve been considering a lot of things lately towards my own health and diet and I had a great big think: I work better with structure and being told what to do. When I did a weight loss program before (which saw me shift the majority of the 30 kilos I have lost, despite its chemically shakey badness) it worked, because I wasn’t having to think about it. I got up in the morning, I am not a morning person, this is me:


I would get a shake out of the cupboard, mix it with water and ice, and down the hatch it would go, until morning tea time. Basically no prep, no standing in front of the fridge wondering what I can make with the cheese and the breads and the mayo and the other delicious things in there, just something simple that I was on auto-pilot to ‘eat’.

And that is something that works for me.

So that being said, it is REBOOT TIME. I have talked about this before, but have never done the actual plan, basically its the juicing program from the ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ doco that I have linked you all too a hundred (slightly exaggeration) times already. If you want to give it a watch, here it is again:

Basically from other juice ‘cleanses’ I’ve done, I’ve just gotten out the juicer and made whatever I’ve wanted, which is all well and good until you get sick of the same thing over and over, and all of the strength and determination go out the window. I have realised that I need to be told what to eat, and when to eat it, if I’m going to get anywhere. At least at first. Once you get the hang of something you can do it alone, checking up on quantities and stuff every once in a while, but I have decided that yes, the time is NOW to do this.

So, REBOOTING. Its not starving yourself and having three small glasses of juice a day. It starts out with a five day mostly vegetables (whole) in decent enough quantities that its satisfying, you don’t get hungry, and you add a juice or two into the mix to get used to the idea. Then you juice. I love my juice, so in saying that, again, this is not for everyone. I will also say that like anything I do, I get doctors permission to try any of this stuff, so I’m not just going all crazy and doing something dumb without careful monitoring.

The why of why I’m doing this: my diet has gone back to sucking really badly, truth be told, and I’m not happy. I feel revolting most of the time, and get sick A LOT. Of course, there is a bit of extra weight I’d like to throw into a big dark cave and never see again, so they are my reasons why. When I say I’m going to do stuff like this, I get a lot of negative feedback from people, mostly in the ‘why don’t you just eat less and exercise?’ kind of thing. This annoys the crap out of me. It really does. It is just not that simple, so anyone reading this and wanting to say that to me, please don’t.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this, I don’t think I have, but I went to an endocrinologist last month. I paid $100 for that and drove 3 hours away to see him, and he told me this: “I’m not even going to run tests on you. You aren’t that bad. What you need to know is that this (my weight) is all probably hereditary, and you are just one of the unlucky ones who has to work twice as hard as anyone else to get to your goals”. So what works for others, just doesn’t do much for me. And that is just how it is.

Starting tomorrow I will be doing the 15 day plan from the Reboot website:

I will post along the way, yeah, why not ha ha ha ha and let you all know how I’m going. My fridge and fruit bowls were stocked up this morning and look something like this:



So here I go, joining the reboot 😀 Wish me luck that I can find what I’m after xx

Oh, side note, I got my next Pilates course manuals today, excite!!




Im back :D

So its been a while, yes I say that a lot, but I’m happy to actually have time to write here again!! So much has happened since I was last here, so I will recap all the fun and exciting things 😀

As you know, I was training to go to Pilates School. And I did. And it was FANTASTIC!!!! I am now an accredited Pilates instructor, too exciting!!! This is me at Pilates School:


The venue was awesome, had the best time ever!!!!!


So my classes start in about two weeks, waiting on a few things coming together but they will 😀 I’m nervous, yup, pretty nervous, but all will be ok, I know my stuff 😀

I’ve also enrolled in another Pilates course seeing as I loved it so much!! This one is at the same place (yay another short Sydney holiday!!) and I’ll be training in small apparatus, which I LOVE, so exciting!!!

So, on the food front, I haven’t really been making any new recipes. I HAVE been making (and drinking!!) loads of kombucha, have a new flavour that I have to bottle when I get home later, I have tried lemon and ginger tea in this one, fingers crossed it’s good cause it smells beautiful!!!

I am also *ta-da* starting a juice cleanse on Friday. A really big one. I know I’ve said that before, but the past few months all of the bad habits have been coming back, lots of visitors means lots of cooking and foods and going out and not looking after myself. So Friday is the day. Was going to be today, but I’m psyching myself up for it. I’m not going to put a time limit on it, but I know I want to last at least two weeks this time, so fingers crossed and send any extra willpower you guys have my way, once I get into it, it becomes second nature, its just that first little bit that I always trip up. I will have a 3 day break in the middle cause my bubba is turning 4 (can you believe it, FOUR) and unfortunately I cannot make a chocolate cake without tasting it. It can’t be done. So I’ll be giving myself that time off to mostly eat vegetables and things, and to not worry if I don’t just have juice.

Other good stuff that has happened, I miraculously, under a cloud of cold and flu drugs, passed my biochemistry exams, that was pretty good. Only half a session to go and Ill be halfway through my degree!! Yay!!!!!!! I never thought that time would come, feels like forever, but halfway is a cool place to be. The end is even cooler, yes, but Ill take halfway for now 😀

I might leave it at that for today, I’m going to go and bottle my kombucha, I want to drink it right now but it’s not ready yet… Might even take a few photos and write another post on how much it has helped me and how completely fantastic it is 😀

Til tomorrow…. xx