Day One Hundred and Thirty Seven: Motivation.

So personally, for me this year has gone too fast and also a bit too slow. You know what I mean? Like the super good things have come and gone, and the tedious things just keep dragging on and on like they will never finish.

Sitting here just now, its made me kind of sad to realise that at the beginning of this year my thoughts were yes, this is my year, I will reach my weight goal this year, and it will be awesome. But I am the exact same weight as I was at the beginning of the year, if not 2 kilos heavier….. It can get pretty frustrating when that happens, especially if you feel like you have made the effort to change. And have I ever.

I no longer eat on a daily basis:

Bread, Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Sugar, Soy, processed foods

And I have included:

Green smoothies, green juices, probiotics, vegetable only juices, more fruit, vegetable based meals, raw foods, coconut oil

And yet I have seen pretty much no change, other than in my skin, and my mood. Yes, those things are HUGE, and really great to have sorted out, but you cant help wondering why the weight remains the same. And unfortunately, I have no answers just yet, other than exercise. Which just at the moment I have no time for, so cant really change that right now. And by no time, I mean NO TIME. I have about 12 lectures, an assignment and exams in the next two and a half weeks, and a three year old…. If anyone can see any time spare in all of that, please, let me know 😦

Sorry if this is all a bit depressing today peeps, but there is a bright side: I am super pumped to start training for my Pilates the second uni is over for a while. SUPER PUMPED. I have the whole teaching manual on my Galaxy ready to go, I cant wait for the 1st of November to give it all Ive got and got nuts, its so exciting. So its kind of keeping me going right now, knowing that so soon I can work out, and give myself the attention that I need.

Anyway, after the huge food week I had last week, the last thing I’m doing this week (and probably until uni is over) is stepping on those scales. Nope, not happening. I can see it in the mirror and feel that I did some damage, I don’t need to feel worse than I already do. I’m just going to eat (and drink) the best I can, and hope that the next time I get on them I will have a nice surprise.

So for dinner I had this:


And yes, that is entirely as giant as it looks 😀 Giant big green smoothie, all for me 😀

A lot of people ask me how I keep motivated, especially after such a long time of being the same weight, after having lost so much and still so much to go. I think its just because I’m so used to it, that there is no giving up and just staying like this. Its not an option. Yes, sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me and can get me down, but I just want to feel healthy, and have it show on the outside. I want to walk into a shop and buy whatever I want, without having a stress about if it will hide this or that, I just want to be comfortable, and myself, and for me, this size is neither of those things. And it does not let me do the things I want to do either, so I guess that is my main motivation. It’s not about how I look (mostly!!), its about having the life I want and not being held back.

So I’ll just keep on going, and hold out for the uni holidays 🙂 I cant wait 🙂



Day One Hundred and Thirty Three: I turned thirty three.

Oh look, I turned thirty three and am writing about it on day one hundred and thirty three. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So…… am feeling a bit like this past week has undone some of the good that I have been doing. In my usual fashion, I celebrated my birthday with food. And am paying for it severely 😦 I’m not game enough to step onto the scales, but my big puffed out stomach, no energy, feeling nauseous and basically just blah is telling me I overdid it big time. Which is a shame, cause at the time it was super massive fun. So for this week (and probably even a few weeks) I will be juicing and eating dinner only, just to detox from the sugar overload that was my week of birthday.

A lot of people have some pretty big opinions on eating. You cant go anywhere without someone thinking and voicing an opinion on how you should eat. My thoughts are basically to listen to your belly, check your energy levels and how you feel, and if your belly says eat, then eat. I also believe that (within reason of course) your belly says you have way overdone it, and it needs a break, then drinking water, herbal teas and green juices for a little while is a good idea too, and have a bit of a time out. I think you should decide what is good for you, and get to know your own body and how well it functions with some foods and how it goes with others, and I most of all believe that meal times should not be governed by a clock. Dont eat because its 6pm. Dont eat because its morning time and thats what everyone else does. Get in touch with how YOU feel and what works best for you so that you function the best you can. I know for me, the best thing to do is to delay my breakfast. Yes, a lot of you are probably going “Oh no!! Breakfast is the most important part of the day!!  What are you doing??? Your metabolism wont start until you give it food you silly girl!!!!” Well, I’m sorry but pffffft to that 😛

I did an experiment recently, where I ate breakfast for one week, as soon as I got out of bed. Within half an hour I was ready to go back to bed and sleep for a few hours. It wasn’t a big breakfast, just two pieces of toast, but it was enough to make me feel like I’d eaten a Christmas lunch and needed to sleep it off. One of the days I even tried it with my green juice as soon as I woke up, thinking it might have been something I couldn’t handle in the bread. No difference. My body is just not ready for food first thing in the morning. The second week I then drank only 800mL of water with lemon juice in it, then had a green juice around 10.30am. The difference in my energy level was CRAZY different. Was able to focus on uni work, was able to get so much more done, all the house work, planning for my party, all these things there was no way I could have done the week before.

So while I say this, its not for everyone. And thats ok, cause we aren’t all the same. But if you feel tired straight after breakfast, it might be something to look into….

If you want to read more about this, the book on the left is the one for you:


The one on the right is what I am currently reading, and has so many interesting thoughts into nutrition and healing, its definitely a book I would recommend too 🙂 I like getting different perspectives on lots of different topics, I’m not saying that anything I read is the be all end all 100% correct, but its worth expanding your mind and reading lots of info 🙂

Anyways, I said I would show you a photo of my crazy birthday cake one it was done, so here are a few photos from my week of food, and from how I’m feeling now, will never be repeated….. 🙂


This is me, day 2 into making the cake, and about to throw the book the recipe was in into the wall ha ha ha…

Yes, I was still smiling, I tend to do that when there is a camera around 🙂


Me with the finished cake. yes, I was EXHAUSTED. I had also cooked 9 types of cakes/finger foods for my

afternoon tea party. I feel I should go into catering.


Me with the foods. So many foods.


The inside of the cake. In no way was this cake raw, vegan, or healthy. In NO WAY. But wow, it was good.


Me and my beautiful sisters before the eating started ha ha ha ha we were still smiling at this point. Afterwards, we may have laid on the ground for a good half hour…..

So that was me turning 33. I dont regret it because it was super fun,  but it made me want my juice and healthy foods soooo much more than any of these things I would have gladly eaten a plate full of before. A big learning experience.