Day Five: Must not try to think while sick :(

So here I am at day five, and the tickle on the throat from yesterday has progressed to a fully fledged head cold, the one I’ve been battling on and off for three weeks now, just go away!!!! So food for me has been interesting, and the title of this post says it all: Don’t make food while sick, just eat exactly the same stuff as one of your good days and don’t think.

Because what did I do? I had a giant full cream cows milk cappuccino. I can’t remember the last time I had one with cows milk, but I had unfortunately run out of oat milk and was not well enough to walk to the shop today 😦 So I said yes to the husband, who has been itching to make ‘a real coffee’ (read: not oat milk, soy containing, sugar laden, that sort of thing) for a few days, and has been disappointed by the stream of tea drinking, sugar adding, macchiato drinking guests we have had lately. SO he made me one, it looked lovely, but I was not even at the end of it when I blew up like I was 6 months pregnant and felt VERY UNWELL 😦 So, that was a big lesson, note to self, do not drink cows milk. Or try anything you haven’t had for a while that might not be in line with this type of eating style, because you will regret it.

What did I eat today? Well, I had my lemon water and 2 pieces of my toast, which I actually think I’m going to do away with the bread mostly after this week. I feel much better when I have a huge juice instead, so that is the goal for next week, a Continue reading

Day Four: Feeling results already :)

I put my sunglasses on this morning, and for a moment thought I had them on upside down (yes, it happens :P) but they weren’t. They are big oversized sunnies, and I can normally feel my sunglasses resting on my cheeks, but today they weren’t even touching my face. Yay for smaller cheeks! Now to get the other cheeks smaller…. ha ha ha ha 😛

So… Ive woken up this morning with a scratchy throat. I had the flu most of last week, so here comes the second wave of it, can’t wait :/ When I’m not well I’m usually a bit of a food demolishing machine, today, I was ok, other than eating a tub of Moroccan pumpkin dip with celery and rice crackers…. So that was a plus. I included loads of onion and garlic into my food too, didn’t have a juice though, really wish that I did!!

I’m not sticking to the ‘raw’ bit as much as I’d like, but it will take time I think, especially seeing it is the start of winter here and boiling hot soups and veggie lasagnas are totally appealing right now!!!!

Food for today (I am going to start including recipes for the stuff I make up by the way). Continue reading

Day Three: A bit about me

So I figured today would be a good day to be self indulgent and tell you all about what has brought me to this ‘challenge’ if you will, and why I am determined to see it through, not only as a short term thing but hopefully a way of life. I have been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember. I started looking at calorie counter books when I was 12, and from then on food had ruled my life in one form or another. Not enough, too much, bad food, good food, weight goes up, weight goes down….

Food to me used to mean 3 things: Celebration, showing your love for someone, and pain. Odd combo, right? Also notice I didn’t say nourishment, or to keep people alive and functioning, cause these are not things I used to associate with food at all.

I like to celebrate stuff. Pretty much anything, and that means good food, loads of food, unhealthy food, and free reign to eat as much of it as I like, because I’m celebrating. I might celebrate losing one kilo with crackers and cheese and wine. I decorate cakes as a side hobby business type of thing, and I celebrate EVERYTHING with a cake. I also show people that I love them with food. Everyone gets a cake. Everyone gets special foods and desserts when they come to visit, because thats how I show them that they are special to me. But food also causes me pain. Lots of different types. It makes me sad, it makes me angry, it makes me feel guilty and Continue reading

Day Two: My new favourite thing

Am feeling great. Actually great 🙂 My mind fog is starting to clear, and I’m feeling super good! A little bit bloated, but pretty good 🙂 Here are my meals for today:



An apple, a stick of celery, a piece of the bread I can eat without feeling gross, with butter, and an oat milk decaf cappuccino.



Sweet potato soup and a piece of toasted rye mountain bread Continue reading

Day One: Oh thats so not cool :(

So up and ready to go on day one, here was the first thing I ‘ate’: A big glass of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed into it. Was really yum actually, I am a bit lazy (and a bit stingy) and used to use the lemon juice that comes in a bottle full of preservatives to flavour my water all day, every day, it was cheaper than buying lemons and I didn’t have to squeeze them :/


I then jumped on the scales, and this is where the title of this post comes in. I have been losing and gaining the exact same 6 kilos for a whole year, after initially losing 30 kilos through other means. This morning I was at the upper end of those annoying 6 kilos that just keep coming back!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!


So you guys will see HOPEFULLY this number reduce each Monday as I go along…. Oh I so hope so 😦

Anyway, I know we all have had drummed into us ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ for various reasons, but on one of the programs she makes a whole lot of sense by saying why are you eating if you aren’t hungry yet? Morning is a time to cleanse the body, not stuff it full of hard to digest foods that set you up for a day of tiredness and foggy thinking, so this morning I delayed my breakfast until 10.30 when I could feel the belly rumbling start. And then I had my juice, a beautiful combo of kale, cucumber, celery, beetroot, lemon and a green apple. It was Continue reading

So…. here I go!!!!

HI HI!!!! So, a bit about myself first, I am a 32 year old mum to a 3 year old little guy, I decorate cakes and I am studying nutrition at uni. You will get to know heaps more about me as I go along on this….. Oh, and I am also fighting my weight like most people I know.

My goal in the next month (and beyond) is to rid my life of all the negative stuff that is keeping my weight on: processed food, stress, binge eating, laziness, you name it, I do it wrong. I also have PCOS, estrogen dominance, gluten intolerance, and a lot of symptoms from these that drive me absolutely crazy on a day to day basis. And you guys get to follow me while I do it.

I am hoping from this blog to stay accountable, even if just one of you out there on the www reads this then I will feel like I have someone I need to stay on track for. Yes, it should be myself but that hasn’t worked so far!!

So tomorrow morning I am starting my new way of life, I am already mostly gluten free, soy free, mostly meat free and am hoping to use 2 great programs I’ve found recently that just totally appeal to me, Kimberly Snyders’ program ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ and Liana Werner-Grays’ ‘The Earth Diet’ to sort me out 🙂 Wish me luck peeps, Im going to need it!!!!! Even though I am so keen for this change, to have some energy after years and years of being so completely exhausted just minutes out of bed in the morning, I have tried and failed at loads of things like this, just because it wasn’t sustainable, I got lazy, blah blah blah thousands of excuses. I have none at the moment. There is nothing holding me back except myself and my inner dialogue. So tomorrow morning Im going to take a huge breath in, drink my whole lemon squeezed in water and a big green drink, and get on with the business of being healthy. I have some huge goals I want achieve soooo badly, and one of those is to teach Pilates. In order to do this I need to super bendy and super fit, so I am hoping to be on the road to both tomorrow 😀 See you bright and early in the Continue reading