Day Twenty Eight: Its been almost a whole month!!

Hi all,

I have actually run out of internet for this month (I know, I’m not coping well ha ha ha ha) but it will all be new and refreshed on the 30th, which is why the lack of blog posts!!!

Today in the mail I received some new products to try, I am going to ask the company I got them from if I’m allowed to put them on here, as the products I received are in the development stage from what I understand, but they are super cool and want to share with you all!! Basically its like having that green sludge shot of gross I have in the mornings with my juice put into a bar with dates and another fruit to make it pretty yum. If I can avoid that green junk I will be buying stock in these things HA HA HA HA HA HA 😀

So food wise I have been ok, have been looking more into the transition into raw foods, especially after some of the not so cool reactions I’ve been having from things lately. What I’m not loving is the healthier I try to get, the worse things seem to react with me, why does that happen? When I was 118 kilos, I felt a hundred times better than I do now. Not mobile-wise, or health-wise, but just better with digestion, I didnt have so much bloating and icky feeling all of the time.

3 or 4 years ago, I had the stomach of steel, I used to think I could eat anything, I would eat things you probably shouldnt because of food poisoning risks (yup, blerk) and would be completely fine. Now I look at a cheese and vegemite sandwich sideways (I had a pretty good look at two of them actually, last week, which is what caused all these belly problems I’m currently having, pretty sure) and they cause all sorts of inflammation, bloating, nausea, couldnt sleep, my skin has broken out, the list goes on and on…. What happened?

My friend calls it ‘food saturation’, which I used to call ‘Christmas Disease’, where for a few months, I would completely lose my appetite, and just feel full all of the time, and not want to eat much at all. It feels like after you eat Christmas lunch, where there is no way you are ever putting food in your mouth again, cause you are so full you have complete ‘food saturation’ 😀 I think my stomach has finally had enough, and is just rebelling against how I’ve treated it for so long. I know that if I have a day of juicing, some good foods for dinner and loads of water, I feel super good. I know that if I have a carb filled bread day with no juice and not so much water I feel revolting. So thats where Im at. Listening to whats going on and fixing it. Talking myself out of old habits and making new ones. The end goal is to transistion myself into mostly raw foods. Not because its fashionable, or because I want to be special, but because I am 32, almost 33, and Im sick of feeling like crap, plain and simple.

So I’m just putting it out there, just in case you ever come for dinner with me and I look like I’m being a bit precious 😉 I’m just trying to feel like a normal person does every day!!!

No food posts for today, the Revenge finale is on, and I’m going to upload this and have a relaxing night 🙂

I did see this on a raw food page, I heaps want it 😀 Awesome shirt 😉





Day Twenty Five: Yum :)

I love reinventing my favourite foods to fit in with a healthy diet, I have written recipes that are super yum, under 350 calories and basically better for you versions of usually really high calorie, oil soaked foods like pizzas and spring rolls and stuff like that. One of my most favourite things in the world to eat is any thing that is mint chocolate. I love it. I’m not a huge sweet tooth but mint chocolate to me is where its at 😀 So the day that Gloria Jeans discontinued their Mint Choc bomb was a sad one for me, I so don’t go there any more… that’s one of the reasons why 🙂 Anyway, I started making my own at home, but seeing as I am pretty much dairy free these days I thought Id make a new, improved version: This is how I went 😀


This chocolatey minty goodness drink is made from: Raw cacao, coconut oil, oat milk, chia seeds, peppermint essence and stevia, with a stack of ice and all thrown in the faux vitamix. And it tastes exactly how my old, not as good, full of dairy frappe used to 😀 Very happy 🙂

Not much to report on the food situation, since I havent had much!! I had a purple juice for breakfast, 2 pieces of my toast for lunch, and samosas again for dinner, plus this shake. Oh, and an oat milk decaf 🙂 I know I’m supposed to be juicing, but have had some health issues that are currently being looked into as of today, and today I felt that food was the way to go.

Anyway, just a short one tonight, its time for bed, its like 6 degrees or something (42.8F for you non Celsius guys) so I will see you tomorrow 😀

Day Twenty Three: A New Beginning

Hi hi everyone 🙂 I’m back 😀 Uni is finished for this half, and I’m getting ready to relax for a few weeks. Kind of. Tonight I got back on the cross trainer after a VERY long break, I cant actually remember when I last did a workout, it was a couple of months ago, and was going to check except my stupid HRM batteries were flat boooooo, was almost not worth doing a workout ha ha ha ha 😀 I have used that as an excuse before, cant see how I’m doing? Then don’t do it. Not anymore, I’m on a mission…..

So…… today began my first day of juicing. I am sick of having this nose condition where it runs and runs and runs. I am also sick of this fat condition where I be fat and fat and fat 😀 I don’t know if you guys have seen the other blog I contribute to, I write on there with 4 other lovely girls about our fun condition of PCOS. If you want to read about all the trouble I have with my weight, you can read about it here:

Basically, I store a stack of estrogen. Estrogen likes to store itself in fat. It also promotes keeping of this fat because it doesn’t want to disappear, so it holds it in the body, to store more estrogen. Its really fun. I’m so hoping you are getting the massive sarcastic tone this post has had so far 😀 Anyway, my doctor has basically told me that I should get rid of the fat as quickly as possible, by however drastic measures, and worry about nutrition later. Yeah, well that doesn’t sit real well with a nutrition student. So what I’m going to do is juicing. Continue reading

Day Twenty: Big sad face :(

Thats how I am feeling. I have been missing, yes 😦 I haven’t been posting, no 😦 I made it through my first exam not too badly I think, chemistry, and tomorrow have my maths and statistics in health 3 hour extravaganza of an exam, yay massive thrill, not :/ Although they say ‘open book’ unless you have an idea of what you are looking at and where to find it you have no chance. I’m thinking it will be ok, but still the stress is here, mostly because i do not under any circumstances want to have to take either of these subjects again in the history of the world, ever.

So thats where I am at right now, and at 5pm tomorrow afternoon I shall be rainbows and butterflies and happy dances in the street because I have a lovely 3 weeks off to clean and have visitors and drink coffee and do all the stuff I want to do before I like a crazy person, who has decided to pick up an extra subject next half, get back to work 🙂 At least it will be good stuff 🙂 I find motivation majorly lacking for many areas of my life if I’m having to do something that takes up a lot of time and I’m really not enjoying it.

Ok, so my faux vitamix arrived, and its awesome. I have never used a blender that you can make a smoothie from and not have lumps in it. Im serious. Its REALLY REALLY good 😀 After an attempt to make raw cacao truffles in it though husband was not as impressed as it didnt chop the dates up, so we have also purchased a food processor from ebay ha ha ha ha 😀 My kitchen setup is now complete 😀

My diet has basically been close to my usual ‘I have exam stress’ diet, although I did notice that last year, my exam study snacks consisted of corn chips, chocolate, Jarrah instant flavoured coffee, things like that, this year it was oat milk decaf coffee or milo, rice crackers, pumpkin dip and carob buckwheat slices. Little change, but still a change 🙂

So back to almost normal tomorrow, I haven’t taken photos of my food today, or the past days, will start back up again tomorrow 🙂

Photo on 2012-05-01 at 21.53 #3

Day Fifteen: Just a quick study break..

Hi hi just a quick one today, am studying super hard, after Monday I am free for WEEKS, you dont even know how stoked I am that this half will be over, it has not been my friend.

Anyhow, my coffee showed up today, HOORAY!!! It was so lovely and fragrant sitting there in all its swisse water decaffeinated goodness that I thought it deserved a photo:

IMG_0803It soon became this:


Was a bit flat on the foam ha ha ha ha 😀

My food today was pretty good actually, still a bit carby, not enough leafy, but not too bad, dinner was super yum. Before I was veggie I would hear veggie people say “Oh, all I can get is risotto, thats all anyone makes me is mushroom risotto”… personally I could eat risotto every day, I love it 😀 Continue reading

Day Fourteen: Caffeine is POISON.

If you have ever taken prescription amphetamine-based diet pills in your life and had a reaction to them (I have) then you would know how I am feeling right now, just from having one coffee this morning. Yep, one full strength oat milk cappuccino. It is no wonder drug companies put caffeine into over the counter ‘herbal’ weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant, because the last thing in the world I would do right now is eat. I also find it interesting that they do that and the tablets don’t work for a lot of people, I’m going to make a pretty good guess and say that those people are regular caffeine drinkers.

I have had a pretty bad reaction to the coffee in that my right knee is swollen up with heaps of fluid, I’m shaky, anxious, foggy in the head, and I just want to watch the Revenge finale and go to bed, instead of studying chemical equilibrium for my exam. I feel sick in the belly and have had a rash all over my face and neck for most of the day. Who would guess I used to drink like 3 diet cokes a day, a full strength coffee after dinner every night, and feel completely normal?

Its interesting that since I have ‘detoxed’ myself from quite a few things that were everyday foods in my diet that when I add them back in for a meal or two how bad a reaction I have to them. Caffeine is a big one, regular bread is another, and I wouldn’t even think about drinking a whole glass of cows milk, even though I used to drink milk like it was water (and incidentally drank close to zero water). Continue reading

Day Thirteen: Its going to be a busy week.

As I said yesterday, exams are this Friday coming and next Monday. So busy this week will be. When I get this busy I tend to just eat whatever is around regardless of what it is 😦

Instead, Im going to try watching what I eat, I did have 2 potato cakes today, I wasn’t even really hungry, just lack of energy and wanting something yum was it. I’m not going to worry about it too much, it was 2 potato cakes.

My food for today was a bit uninspired, had planned to make Quorn and vegetable pie, but time got away from me, its now tomorrows project, and will probably eat it most of the week because it will be quick and easy and not require much effort so I save all my energy for studying!!!

So, I did finally get my chocolate fix from yesterday, I ate a carob buckwheat slice, and a hot Milo for a snack, and maybe a sneak of lamington (see, was not good today 😦 ) but this session of uni is nearly over and I have some big plans for next week and the following ‘holiday’ period, am excited 🙂

It’s also weigh in day tomorrow, I might mention that I’m at a time during the month where I can quite easily see the scales go up 2 kilos from fluid retention. And exactly a week later it will be back down to exactly where I had been the week before. Its crazy, I hate it but not much I can do except eat foods that agree with me and cause no inflammation or further fluid, and hope for the best :/ Continue reading