The time has come… :)

In two sleeps I will teach my first proper Pilates class. I have taught small groups and one on one, but they were with people I know, this is a whole different thing now. I’m so nervous!!!! I’m hoping it will be like when I used to sing in high school: Scared to death in a small group, but in front of a whole hall full of people I didn’t really know it turned out ok and got a bit easier. So I’m super excited, because I’ve wanted it for so long, but also super jittery ha ha ha ha ha Wish me luck!!!!!

So birthday week is well and truly over 😀 Back to the juice tomorrow, with my veggie foods thrown in. With exams coming up there is no way I can just do juice right now, my brain needs all the help it can get. So my little boys birthday was fantastic, I couldn’t have been happier, when he came up to me to tell me what a great time he was having, that is the best part 🙂 I’m still smiling remembering that 😀

This is my little guy with his cake that I made, he is a huge Angry Birds fan 😀


We had an awesome time, was so nice to have a happy break from everything Ive been doing lately 😀



Cant believe he used to be a little bubba, he still sleeps like that too!! Bet he does when hes 15 too ha ha ha ha ha

So now, its all systems go for studying, boooooo. I have two exams and one assignment due all in the next two weeks, its been a super hard session, and I’ll be happy to be at the end of this one. I’ll be halfway through, only two and half more years to go, woo-hoo!!!!!! Meow has been helping me 😀


I’ll let her do the exam, she probably reads more than I do anyway 🙂

While my sister was here she threw together a super yum dinner (bit of a quick change of subject!!!) and told me the ingredients, gave it a go tonight with a couple of small changes, and its super yum, here is the recipe:

1 carrot, grated

1 red capsicum, finely chopped

1 red onion

8 button mushrooms

1 tin tomatoes

1 tin red kidney beans

1 tin low fat refried beans

1 tin corn kernals

2 red chillies (I have jar of organic red chillies that I dehydrated myself and are super strong, seeds still in, gives it a really good kick, you might want to adjust the quantity according to the chillies you use)

1-2 tablespoons ground cumin seeds

2 tsp smoked paprika

3 tablespoons tomato paste

1 sachet taco seasoning (you can make your own, theres heaps on Google, but I used the shop bought one for this)

So pretty much you cook up the onion and mushrooms, add the carrots and capsicum when the onion is soft, add spices, then all of the canned stuff and give it a good stir. Season if you want, and simmer until it looks like this:


It’s so so easy, and super yum!!! Makes a GINORMOUS pot of it too, dinner for ages and good to freeze. This is how I have it:


On a tortilla with lettuce, baby spinach, tomato, soy mayo, avocado and brown rice and quinoa, and a teensy spoonful of cottage cheese, I so love cheese with my meals, am cutting it right out, slowly, but I’m getting there. So without all of my extras, the Mexican stuff is 100% vegan, how I have it is vegetarian, cause of the cheese obviously. I swear I will make my own cashew cheese one day, I will 😀

And there you have it 😀

Oh, and one more thing: I finally got my drink bottle. Might not be a huge announcement, but I was pretty excited 😀 You all know how I love my lemon water, but it does get to be a pain in the bottom sometimes when I’m out, you cant just squeeze a lemon into random water bottles, so this is what my new drink bottle does, winning!! It’s called a Citrus Zinger, and I seriously waited 4 weeks for it to come from overseas, but its so cool and totally worth it 😀 It has a citrus juicer in the bottom, so you just flip it over, squeeze your lemon, then flip it back and fill it up. Genius. You can store a lemon for a second refill too, also genius!!!


Lovely 😀 I so love my gadgets 😀

Anyhow, it is back to the study for me, thanks for reading as always!!!




Life changing bread hey… I better try it :)

Ive read peoples posts on this ‘life changing bread’, so I thought I’d better have a look for myself. Once I saw it was from My New Roots I was all over it, that is one of my most favourite food blogs. I MUST MAKE THIS BREAD.

I would consider my old self to a be a breadaholic for sure. Nothing like that breadohol 😀 But seriously, if it was fresh and white and still warm from the bakery, it would be gone in a day, two at the absolute most. Breakfast lunch and dinner were centred around this beautiful fluffy white loaf of bread. Its the best.

But now my diet has changed, and my taste buds with it, my need for bread isn’t anything like it was before. If the supermarket here doesn’t have my tiny loaf of sunflower and chia seed gluten free bread this week, no big deal, Ill get it another week. A MASSIVE difference form the bread guzzling machine I once was. But now and then I still eat a sandwich or two made from wholemeal or grain or rye bread, my taste for white and fluffy things has gone.

So when I saw this, I thought it looked amazing. Look at all of those seeds, those nuts and all of the goodness packed into it!!! I must try this 😀

Here is the link, and while you are in there, have a snoop around at the other amazing recipes she has posted. Brilliant.

So while Ive been looking at photos of bread, this is what Ive been eating today. To get back into proper food, Ive decided to eat salads. No big deal? I don’t eat salads. They are boring. USUALLY. But THIS I could eat every day, I love it 😀


My usual berry smoothie, super yum 🙂


The bestest ever salad in the world, baked pumpkin and potato, mixed leaves, baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, alfalfa, red onion, danish feta and pesto, am having the exact same thing tomorrow, so good!!!


Another salad for dinner, almost the same but no cooked vegetables, I had carrot and celery instead, and no feta. Yum.

I also had an oat milk coffee, which instantly made me feel tired, booo. And will probably have a scoop of my grapefruit sorbet later on too. Was very happy with today, especially after I manged to do this while Eddie danced around to Play School:


I also had to let him have a turn on the cross trainer at my 20 minute breaks, that was his deal 😀

So a good day today, hoping for another good one tomorrow 😀


Day Forty Four: Been non-baking up a storm :)

Thats my new hobby 😀 As a hobby baker, who makes loads of cakies and cookies and all the yummy stuff we all like to eat, I’m having to substitute the flour and the butter and the sugar for better things, especially now that my belly does not want to tolerate them as it once did. So I am now a hobby NON-baker 🙂

Going with the raw food ideas of not heating anything above approx 50 degrees (its 118 F so its like, 47 point something C) I have tried to think of new things I can make that are still super yum, and its HARD. There are so many awesome recipes around, and I will admit some of this raw food business is a bit frustrating because it requires seeing into the future to see what I might like to eat, and start making things a day or two ahead, whereas my normal thinking used to be ‘hmmmmm: CAKE’ and then I would whip one up faster than a Masterchef contestant and there it would be, sitting on my table in all its yummness.

Am glad that my friend posted her chocolate recipe, that has already been an awesome addition to my cookbook, today I made a batch and have limited myself to one a day (lucky its so rich and chocolatey and I’m not a big chocolate person anyhow, so this is actually an easy) and added puffed rice into some of them, they look like this:



These are pretty super yum 😀

I also made these today, raw cacao truffles, they are also super yum:


I was on one of the raw food pages i joined on facebook the other day and someone was asking how everyone who eats raw vegan foods aren’t fat and unhealthy with the amount of oil and nuts and things in the foods, I don’t know, it would just seem like common sense to me but you aren’t supposed to eat this whole plate of truffles, or eat like raw cheesecake every day (the ‘cheese’ part of a raw vegan cheesecake is cashews BTW) just like any other dessert ‘in real life’. Common sense people.

Yesterday my dried fruits were ready, and last night this was my dessert:


Oat milk decaf as usual, with 2 pieces of dried banana, and 3 pieces of dried pear. Not a chemical in sight of that fruit, magic 😀

Oh and dinner tonight was this, in case you think Ive been eating sweet stuff all day ha ha ha ha ha:


A non raw (re: yup it was cooked ha ha ha ha) pumpkin and baby spinach risotto.

I think have have my treaties covered at the moment, which is really good, just to get back on the juicing. I’ve also noticed my water intake has dropped off because its freezing and cold and winter, so I have to step that back up too. Lots of work to do….



Day Forty Two: A nice day, yay!!

Today I went to my friends house for a Thermomix demonstration, and yup you guessed it: I WANT. Oh, its was lovely, all this food made so quickly, in one machine that you can rinse and throw in a dishwasher, that you can cook at lower temperatures, that you don’t even need to cut anything and stand in the kitchen or anything, it was just magic. And because I ate little else today other than dinner tonight, I thought I would show you the foods I was given from the magic machine:


A super smooth totally yum Raspberry Sorbet, the best thing about this (other than being light and tangy and yum) was that the raw sugar went in, and the machine turned it to white fluffy icing sugar, that was cool 😀


Super yum Rosemary and Garlic Dip, oooh that was yum and way better than any bought dip


This was AWESOME, Mushroom Risotto that didn’t need STIRRING!!!! And at the back an awesome Rosemary and Garlic Pizza, with dough that needed NO KNEADING!!! It was easily the best dough Ive had, and it just went in the machine, came out, rested, and was a pizza. It was COOL.

And then we had:


Lemon Custard for dessert.

That machine is amazing, and unfortunately because of the price it would want to be. It would also want to do the vacuuming, bring the washing in and feed the cat too for how much it costs, but I think its totally cool and want one VERY BADLY. ha ha ha ha ha 😀

When I got home from my super yum feast, I found my dehydrator had finally finished the apples I had put in yesterday. Was thrilled, they are so tangy and appley and a billion times better than any store bought packet dried apples I have ever had. It also puts in perspective that yesterday I had 4 whole apples, and today they were reduced to this:


So dried fruit in moderation peeps, cause thats a lot of apple. I could have quite easily eaten this whole small bag, I think dried fruits are a sometimes food 🙂 The bananas and pears are almost finished drying now, actually, some of the bananas looked pretty ready so i have already helped myself to a few pieces 😀 Super good 😀

Getting back on the juicing tomorrow, its my only whole day to myself that I will have my entire almost 4 weeks of uni holidays, I have been lent a stack of awesome recipe books and have a lot of work to do, am keen to have a good food day and get organised for the new uni session starting next week. Am excited 😀

Day Forty One: Still ridiculously sick, winter is not fun

Oh I am so over it!!!! What happened to my awesome immune system where I never got sick, worked in a pharmacy with people coughing and spluttering and chicken pox-ing all over me all day and I would never get anything other than a hangover?? Its been at least a good 6 weeks now that I have had cold symptoms… I say this because I’m not going to say its a cold, because they just don’t last that long!!! To me its got to be a mixture of all of the things shaking up my life, my digestive issues, the stress of exam studying, bubba getting different colds from the other kids at school, the fact i was a bit rundown when I started stuffing around with my diet and then the change in weather. Well, really, I am over it.

My sister and mum were here for a few days which was nice, except that I had the worst flu Ive had so far this year with temperatures over 38 for three nights in a row, but it was still good. Educated my sister on what she called ‘the green gloop’ which I made her for breakfast one morning instead of her usual can of Rockstar and a muesli bar 🙂 I was all set to try some cool new recipes but I was just not well enough so I made some usual things, risotto and the samosas Ive been making, and got rice noodle takeaway one night, was good to not cook 🙂

We watched ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ and ‘Food Additives: An Edible Journey’, both of which I highly recommend watching to anyone. Every time I watch the juicing one I get right back on the juice bandwagon, and did a big shop today for my next week of vitamin filled juice, which I’m very much looking forward to.

I have also done a few shelves of fruit in the dehydrator this afternoon, I bought it at Christmas time with the intention of drying a whole bunch of summer fruits, but they just didn’t have the trays of mangoes, peaches and nectarines being sold on the side of the road like they used to in this area this year, which was very disappointing 😦

This is it in action this afternoon 😀


I was a bit sad at being so unwell in that I couldn’t do some fun cooking, but I did manage to make this, from my uni friends awesome blog:


Oh, its SO GOOD!!!!!!! And its such a big help, when I really feel like something sweet, which is not all that often, I usually go looking for something very bad for me, like leftover cakie offcuts in the freezer, but this is perfect, its so easy to make, and is ready super fast too!!! This is the recipe, I recommend making one batch at a time, because you might end up eating all of it!!!!

I’m going to try mixing some puffed grains into it and making ‘chocolate crackle bars’, the coconut in it reminds me so much of copha filled chocolate crackles, just a million times better for you 😀

At the moment Ive been thinking about how I used to be compared to now… If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would be dehydrating my own food, be vegetarian, making my own chocolate, drinking only oat milk decaf coffees, oil pulling and using coconut on my skin instead of commercial products, I probably would have laughed and said you were crazy 😀 Even though I’m feeling rubbish at the moment, I think it will all work out really well and I wont regret a second of it.

So tomorrow is yet another day, see you all then 😀


Day Five: Must not try to think while sick :(

So here I am at day five, and the tickle on the throat from yesterday has progressed to a fully fledged head cold, the one I’ve been battling on and off for three weeks now, just go away!!!! So food for me has been interesting, and the title of this post says it all: Don’t make food while sick, just eat exactly the same stuff as one of your good days and don’t think.

Because what did I do? I had a giant full cream cows milk cappuccino. I can’t remember the last time I had one with cows milk, but I had unfortunately run out of oat milk and was not well enough to walk to the shop today 😦 So I said yes to the husband, who has been itching to make ‘a real coffee’ (read: not oat milk, soy containing, sugar laden, that sort of thing) for a few days, and has been disappointed by the stream of tea drinking, sugar adding, macchiato drinking guests we have had lately. SO he made me one, it looked lovely, but I was not even at the end of it when I blew up like I was 6 months pregnant and felt VERY UNWELL 😦 So, that was a big lesson, note to self, do not drink cows milk. Or try anything you haven’t had for a while that might not be in line with this type of eating style, because you will regret it.

What did I eat today? Well, I had my lemon water and 2 pieces of my toast, which I actually think I’m going to do away with the bread mostly after this week. I feel much better when I have a huge juice instead, so that is the goal for next week, a Continue reading