Finally, I has bananas :D

It is hard to keep bananas in this house, they are gone before you blink!! I managed to sneak some into my baking cupboard, which is where I store all my good snacks and no one ever looks ha ha ha ha So today I finally was able to make the Banana Pancakes.


As a baking type of person, if you tell me that a pancake recipe has no eggs, milk, flour, sugar, any of the stuff we would normally associate with pancakes I would probably laugh in our face. But these WORK.

Basically, you make a ‘flour’ out of almonds and oats in the food processor, mix in water, bananas, blueberries and a couple of other things, and cook them just like you would with pancakes. The recipe says it makes 4 large pancakes, mine made 5. It doesn’t have how many servings these pancakes feed, but I’m going to go on how I felt after one of them: about 4 people could eat these. I was SO FULL, so so very full after just one.

This is what they looked like:


And they were REALLY REALLY good. Much like everything else I have made from her blog. Not surprised…. 😀

At the moment I’m following a bit of a food plan, so I wont be making any more of the breakfasts just for now, so I’ll be moving on to the juices and smoothies from the app next 🙂




Blueberry and Banana Muffins

You might have noticed I’ve been loving all of the recipes so far. They are so GOOD!!!!! This time I made the Blueberry, Banana and Raisin Muffins. You might also notice that I leave raisins out of everything that says it has raisins it it. While they do have a place in fruit toast or Christmas cake, they just don’t work for me with berries, they kind of take away from them IMO so yeah….

So this is what I made:


find the recipe at

Now mine didn’t look particularly beautiful, and a couple even got burnt. I think that the two cups of blueberries made my mixture too moist and they refused to cook, they took like an hour and a half, so I think in future Ill make smaller ones so that they cook faster. I would maybe suggest to try less blueberries, but I love blueberries so I wont be doing that 😀 I’d prefer a bit crunch on the outside with the stacks of blueberry flavour these had over less berries any day!!

The ‘flour’ that you make from oats and almonds is really good, it said to add ground flax but I couldn’t get any when I wanted to make them, so I used more oats and almonds to make up the quantity. I will definitely use this flour again for muffins, once they were cooked it definitely formed a muffin consistency and the flavour was so good!!!

I keep going to make the banana pancakes that are next on my ‘to make’ list, but someone keeps stealing my ripe ones and eating them before I get the chance!! Hopefully I can get some and hide them, I want my pancakes!!!!!



Third recipe, sooo good :)

Sorry guys, I did actually make this recipe last Friday, which was right on time for my blog, but I got a bit sick (totally unrelated I promise!!) So here it it. The smell of this had me waiting next to the oven taking in big, deep breaths, although I really didn’t need to, you could smell it throughout my whole house. Even my husband came home and said “Oooh yum are you making a banana cake?” Which unfortunately for him, and his tummy, the answer was no 🙂

I made the Banana and Almond Granola Clusters, was so simple to make, took hardly any time, and gave me a huge container of granola which is super yum!!! The recipe is here, or on her app:

I had mine for breakfast with a small amount of soy milk, some strawberries and a decent spoonful of coconut yoghurt. Wow, that was good. You so don’t need much of this to feel full either, there are so many awesome things in it, nuts, seeds, oats, bananas, honey, you cant go wrong!!


Check it out, so beautiful looking!!!! And tasting 😀

Another one I highly recommend!!!!! 😀

One thing though, I remember reading that you need to crush open the flaxseed (linseed) or you don’t get the omega properties, they pass straight through your system. So I tried smashing them up in the mortar and pestle, but they are slippery little guys and didn’t want to know about it. So for next time I would probably buy the ground ones instead of the whole.

The next recipe I will try on Thurday this week will be the Banana Pancakes, oooh yum, am looking forward to that one 🙂


New recipe: Non-chicken and sweetcorn soup

I loved chicken and corn soup. It was my go-to meal with spring rolls to dunk whenever I used to have Chinese food. Its the best.  But not many places make just corn soup, without having a million other non-vegetarian things in it. So I looked up a few recipes, and found one that I could just leave the chicken out of, and guess what. Its perfect. I made a few tiny little changes, but for about half an hour today I was talking myself up to anyone that would listen about how good my soup was, just like at the shop, but vegetarian.

So to start with, I want to talk about the stock. How do you have chicken and corn soup that tastes like the real thing, but is vegetarian? Well, actually, if you omit the egg white, it would be vegan, how about that!! I use Massel stock, which is vegetable based, gluten free, lactose free and a whole bunch of other ‘frees’ so its the one I always use, and tastes super good 🙂 You can get salt reduced too, which I did. This is the link if you want more info on it:

So the recipe is this:


1 litre of Massel Chicken Stock

1 tablespoon of kecap manis or soy sauce

1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger

2 tablespoons cornflour

1/4 cup of water

1 can creamed corn

1 can corn kernels

1 egg white, lightly beaten (omit of vegan)

3 spring onions, finely chopped

Pour the stock into a large saucepan and heat on medium, do not boil. Add the kecap manis (or soy) and the ginger. Put one tablespoon of the cornflour and all of the water into a bowl and stir, then add to the stock. Turn the heat up and continue stirring until the soup thickens. If it doesnt, sprinkle the second tablespoon of cornflour over the top and mix in. Lower the heat back to medium.Add the creamed corn and corn kernels, stir, and simmer for about 5 minutes. Whisk the egg white, then slowly pour it into the soup in thin drizzles while stirring gently, this makes the ‘chickeny’ look to the soup. Continue to cook until the egg turns stringy and white. Add the spring onions and cook for another 2 minutes, then serve.

As with most of my cooking, this tastes even better once its sits for a while, to get that corn flavour going though it. Hope u like it!!!!! Running it through the calorie counter, if you divide this into 6 bowls it works out at 118 calories/495kJ a serve. Even if you divide it amongst 4 really big bowls you are still only getting 177 calories a bowl. Thats a bit awesome 😀 There is a bit of salt in this, so make sure you choose low sodium varieties of the soy, creamed corn and the stock.

So, I hope you like it!!!

As for the rest of my day, I spent it cooking vegetables, making raw cacao chocolate with raw peanuts, chia seeds and dried cranberries chopped up into it, watered my super cute little sprouts:


Totally loving growing them, I don’t have much patience so the fact these are about 5 days old and already good to go is a big plus in my book ha ha ha ha

Plus, Ive been playing with my new juicer. Yes, it arrived, so sparkly and new and awesome, best juicer ever!! Even though I had the model before it, this one kicks its butt, gets rid of foam, and makes the juice so smooth and yum, loving it HEAPS 😀


Am so very, very happy with this one 😀

Oh, and I also managed a 540 calorie workout on the cross trainer. Had a good day 😀

Hoping for another just like it tomorrow 🙂



Day Nine and Ten: A lesson well learned….

Well you may have noticed a lack of a blog entry yesterday. Well, um, I didn’t want to post my dinner. That was why. I didn’t take a photo of it, I pretended I didn’t eat it. My stomach for a few hours after said otherwise, and I was going to be sick. I have learned my lesson and it wont happen again. I ate chips. And BATTERED FISH. OMG. Oily takeaway food, that I thought about for a long time before I ate it. Then laziness grabbed hold and instead of making my wrap which I was all set to eat, I said yes, ok, takeaway sounds like a good idea. WRONG WRONG WRONG DAISY!!!!!!! I ate about 3/4 of what I had ordered and put it down so fast because I thought I was going to have to run into the bathroom to be sick. I have never had a reaction like that before from food in my life. Not even when I was huge and would eat an entire pizza before stashing evidence in the bin outside so my husband wouldn’t see. I was totally functional after pizza. But last night…. no. I sipped lemon water half the night trying to restore some balance, and felt revolting. Lesson learned 😦

Up until I ate that, this was my day yesterday:

IMG_0696Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple juice

IMG_0698Moroccan pumpkin dip with rice crackers

IMG_0699Tomato, onion and cheese (looks like theres heaps but there was hardly any!!)

and then the DEMON FOOD. And I mean it, NEVER AGAIN. Continue reading