Finally, I has bananas :D

It is hard to keep bananas in this house, they are gone before you blink!! I managed to sneak some into my baking cupboard, which is where I store all my good snacks and no one ever looks ha ha ha ha So today I finally was able to make the Banana Pancakes.


As a baking type of person, if you tell me that a pancake recipe has no eggs, milk, flour, sugar, any of the stuff we would normally associate with pancakes I would probably laugh in our face. But these WORK.

Basically, you make a ‘flour’ out of almonds and oats in the food processor, mix in water, bananas, blueberries and a couple of other things, and cook them just like you would with pancakes. The recipe says it makes 4 large pancakes, mine made 5. It doesn’t have how many servings these pancakes feed, but I’m going to go on how I felt after one of them: about 4 people could eat these. I was SO FULL, so so very full after just one.

This is what they looked like:


And they were REALLY REALLY good. Much like everything else I have made from her blog. Not surprised…. πŸ˜€

At the moment I’m following a bit of a food plan, so I wont be making any more of the breakfasts just for now, so I’ll be moving on to the juices and smoothies from the app next πŸ™‚




Blueberry and Banana Muffins

You might have noticed I’ve been loving all of the recipes so far. They are so GOOD!!!!! This time I made the Blueberry, Banana and Raisin Muffins. You might also notice that I leave raisins out of everything that says it has raisins it it. While they do have a place in fruit toast or Christmas cake, they just don’t work for me with berries, they kind of take away from them IMO so yeah….

So this is what I made:


find the recipe at

Now mine didn’t look particularly beautiful, and a couple even got burnt. I think that the two cups of blueberries made my mixture too moist and they refused to cook, they took like an hour and a half, so I think in future Ill make smaller ones so that they cook faster. I would maybe suggest to try less blueberries, but I love blueberries so I wont be doing that πŸ˜€ I’d prefer a bit crunch on the outside with the stacks of blueberry flavour these had over less berries any day!!

The ‘flour’ that you make from oats and almonds is really good, it said to add ground flax but I couldn’t get any when I wanted to make them, so I used more oats and almonds to make up the quantity. I will definitely use this flour again for muffins, once they were cooked it definitely formed a muffin consistency and the flavour was so good!!!

I keep going to make the banana pancakes that are next on my ‘to make’ list, but someone keeps stealing my ripe ones and eating them before I get the chance!! Hopefully I can get some and hide them, I want my pancakes!!!!!



Third recipe, sooo good :)

Sorry guys, I did actually make this recipe last Friday, which was right on time for my blog, but I got a bit sick (totally unrelated I promise!!) So here it it. The smell of this had me waiting next to the oven taking in big, deep breaths, although I really didn’t need to, you could smell it throughout my whole house. Even my husband came home and said “Oooh yum are you making a banana cake?” Which unfortunately for him, and his tummy, the answer was no πŸ™‚

I made the Banana and Almond Granola Clusters, was so simple to make, took hardly any time, and gave me a huge container of granola which is super yum!!! The recipe is here, or on her app:

I had mine for breakfast with a small amount of soy milk, some strawberries and a decent spoonful of coconut yoghurt. Wow, that was good. You so don’t need much of this to feel full either, there are so many awesome things in it, nuts, seeds, oats, bananas, honey, you cant go wrong!!


Check it out, so beautiful looking!!!! And tasting πŸ˜€

Another one I highly recommend!!!!! πŸ˜€

One thing though, I remember reading that you need to crush open the flaxseed (linseed) or you don’t get the omega properties, they pass straight through your system. So I tried smashing them up in the mortar and pestle, but they are slippery little guys and didn’t want to know about it. So for next time I would probably buy the ground ones instead of the whole.

The next recipe I will try on Thurday this week will be the Banana Pancakes, oooh yum, am looking forward to that one πŸ™‚


First recipe, yum :D

So I started my ‘Deliciously Ella’ challenge I set for myself, and I was very happy with the first recipe πŸ˜€

I’m not a big breakfast person, for the longest time I was stuck in my ‘having a highly processed chemical based diet shake mixed with water and ice for breakfast’ rut, and while it did help me lose weight, it didn’t make me feel very good. Or full. Or happy. And my skin was gross. And some of my hair feel out and my iron levels went through the roof from all of the fortified iron I was having. So while I got smaller, I also got super unhealthy, which was obviously not the point!!!

So in challenging myself to try new foods, yesterday I decided to start trying all of the recipes on the Deliciously Ella site. I would look at all of those beautiful foods and would find myself wishing I could eat like that. Not because I couldn’t cook, I’ll toot my own horn here and say I’m pretty darn good most of the time, but because I had a mental block and honestly was too scared to eat like that. I can’t even describe why, just something in me was telling me that it was too unlike my normal food, it certainly looked very pretty and full of vitamins and nutrients and all of the stuff my body was needing, but it scared me.

I jumped in the deep end this morning. Now, a bowl of oats and fruit might not seem like much of a deep end, but I haven’t eaten the good version of that stuffΒ  before. I’ve had instant porridge, in sachets, and flavoured with who knows what, then stuck some diet yoghurt on top, and I used to choke down that junk every morning because Weight Watchers told me that it was a good breakfast. Ugh, but I hated it. I think I’ve really come to the conclusion that you really don’t have to do things you don’t want to do, and eat rubbish food you hate if you don’t want to. It’s taken me a good 16 years to let myself believe that. It’s definitely a hard thing from having ‘anything diet and low calorie and low sugar and low fat and basically zero taste is good for you and you will lose weight’ pumped into me for so long, to transition to ‘eat whatever you want to eat, but make sure its nutrient dense, as close to nature as possible, and you can eat fat and natural sugars’, its definitely a HUGE difference in how I look at food now….

This mornings breakfast looked like this:

IMG_6015 IMG_6020

This is the recipe “Baked Banana, Blueberry and Raisin Oatmeal”. I opted to leave the raisins out, sultanas ans stuff are not my thing. I also left out the suggested sweeteners and opted for a spoonful of coconut yoghurt on top. And it was SUPER YUM πŸ˜€ Will definitely make this again!!! The link again to her fantastic page is:

The next one I’m going to try is a Chia Seed Pudding πŸ˜€ Wish me luck with that one ha ha ha ha


A new challenge :)

So, it’s been a long time between posts, while I studied (and passed woo-hoo!!) my exams, and started my own Pilates business (:) so excite!!) blogging has sort of fell away from my mind, but like all the other times, I’m back πŸ˜€ And I had a new thought: I’m wanting to try a lot of new recipes, when it comes to food I tend to cook the same things over and over until we are all sick of it, then make something else, and keep going in that way. It gets pretty boring. I think we have had pumpkin risotto arancini with tomato and garlic pasta sauce maybe 8 times in the past 2 weeks. Yeah, when we like something we stick with it for a while.

So I was looking a the beautiful app on my phone from Deliciously Ella. Everything looks amazing, and honestly, scary. It’s food I would not normally choose, cause wow, its just looks so healthy, and basically there is just no cheese ha ha ha ha ha SO I thought, you know what, how about I jump in the deep end, make one of her recipes every couple of days, and write about them and how yum they are. Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? I loved that movie πŸ˜€ I also just plain love Meryl Streep, and I’d love to give this a go. Would have loved to do that with my Zumbo cookbook, but who has the time, patience, skill and money to do that??

So starting tomorrow, ingredients-in-the-cupboard willing, I’m going to start with the breakfasts and work my way towards theΒ  cakes and desserts. I’ll have to alter some, just because of where I live some things just aren’t available, but I should go ok I think πŸ˜€

If you would like a look at her page, its awesomely amazing with beautiful photos of all of her recipes, its just plain fantastic:

And her app, which was worth every single cent, is here:

You might remember I made one of her recipes last year, the raw blueberry cheesecake, which was AWESOME πŸ˜€ It looked like this:


And it wasn’t scary at all ha ha ha ha ha

So yeah, going to go for it, I’m stuck in a giant food rut, reckon this will get me out of it πŸ˜€

Stay tuned for tomorrows breakfast post!!!


Day One Hundred and Thirty Three: I turned thirty three.

Oh look, I turned thirty three and am writing about it on day one hundred and thirty three. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So…… am feeling a bit like this past week has undone some of the good that I have been doing. In my usual fashion, I celebrated my birthday with food. And am paying for it severely 😦 I’m not game enough to step onto the scales, but my big puffed out stomach, no energy, feeling nauseous and basically just blah is telling me I overdid it big time. Which is a shame, cause at the time it was super massive fun. So for this week (and probably even a few weeks) I will be juicing and eating dinner only, just to detox from the sugar overload that was my week of birthday.

A lot of people have some pretty big opinions on eating. You cant go anywhere without someone thinking and voicing an opinion on how you should eat. My thoughts are basically to listen to your belly, check your energy levels and how you feel, and if your belly says eat, then eat. I also believe that (within reason of course) your belly says you have way overdone it, and it needs a break, then drinking water, herbal teas and green juices for a little while is a good idea too, and have a bit of a time out. I think you should decide what is good for you, and get to know your own body and how well it functions with some foods and how it goes with others, and I most of all believe that meal times should not be governed by a clock. Dont eat because its 6pm. Dont eat because its morning time and thats what everyone else does. Get in touch with how YOU feel and what works best for you so that you function the best you can. I know for me, the best thing to do is to delay my breakfast. Yes, a lot of you are probably going “Oh no!! Breakfast is the most important part of the day!!Β  What are you doing??? Your metabolism wont start until you give it food you silly girl!!!!” Well, I’m sorry but pffffft to that πŸ˜›

I did an experiment recently, where I ate breakfast for one week, as soon as I got out of bed. Within half an hour I was ready to go back to bed and sleep for a few hours. It wasn’t a big breakfast, just two pieces of toast, but it was enough to make me feel like I’d eaten a Christmas lunch and needed to sleep it off. One of the days I even tried it with my green juice as soon as I woke up, thinking it might have been something I couldn’t handle in the bread. No difference. My body is just not ready for food first thing in the morning. The second week I then drank only 800mL of water with lemon juice in it, then had a green juice around 10.30am. The difference in my energy level was CRAZY different. Was able to focus on uni work, was able to get so much more done, all the house work, planning for my party, all these things there was no way I could have done the week before.

So while I say this, its not for everyone. And thats ok, cause we aren’t all the same. But if you feel tired straight after breakfast, it might be something to look into….

If you want to read more about this, the book on the left is the one for you:


The one on the right is what I am currently reading, and has so many interesting thoughts into nutrition and healing, its definitely a book I would recommend too πŸ™‚ I like getting different perspectives on lots of different topics, I’m not saying that anything I read is the be all end all 100% correct, but its worth expanding your mind and reading lots of info πŸ™‚

Anyways, I said I would show you a photo of my crazy birthday cake one it was done, so here are a few photos from my week of food, and from how I’m feeling now, will never be repeated….. πŸ™‚


This is me, day 2 into making the cake, and about to throw the book the recipe was in into the wall ha ha ha…

Yes, I was still smiling, I tend to do that when there is a camera around πŸ™‚


Me with the finished cake. yes, I was EXHAUSTED. I had also cooked 9 types of cakes/finger foods for my

afternoon tea party. I feel I should go into catering.


Me with the foods. So many foods.


The inside of the cake. In no way was this cake raw, vegan, or healthy. In NO WAY. But wow, it was good.


Me and my beautiful sisters before the eating started ha ha ha ha we were still smiling at this point. Afterwards, we may have laid on the ground for a good half hour…..

So that was me turning 33. I dont regret it because it was super fun,Β  but it made me want my juice and healthy foods soooo much more than any of these things I would have gladly eaten a plate full of before. A big learning experience.



Day One Hundred and Seventeen: Facebook problems….

I have decided that there are sooo many awesome things I see in Facebook land every day to do with nutrition, beautiful recipes and photos, lots of inspirational stuff, that I would start a Facebook page and link it to this, so even if I don’t get on here so often, I am still posting somewhere, and Facebook is super easy for me to do from my phone, anytime πŸ˜€

So I go to sign up for a page, I already have two other unrelated ones, and I remembered it being pretty easy. Someone must have changed something, because I’ve been sitting here looking at this for half an hour getting pretty mad, and also gaining a pretty decent headache. Long story short, I have worked out the problem, and now need a big bottle of water and a pain-killer, but it will be up and running hopefully by tomorrow. I’ll post the link here once its ready, so come over to Facebook land and say hi πŸ˜€ Yay exciting!!!!

Things have been going ok, it’s getting to the end of the session, still a lot of work to do before exams, not stressing yet though thankfully. Oh… and its nearly my birthday πŸ™‚ I can’t wait. I am seriously staying awake at night thinking about this cake though, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I am making myself a bit of a showstopper this year, the Adriano Zumbo V8 cake. Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with being raw, healthy or anything but being super self-indulgent and show-offy, but its my birthday and my rules say I will do whatever I want, so ner πŸ˜‰

For people who don’t know what that is, check this out:

Yes, I am a crazy person ha ha ha ha ha But I want it to work sooooooo bad!!!!!! The only thing I’m not making is the water droplets on the top, because I’m not paying $20 for one ingredient, that is just how it is. So I will make up something else thats cool. I might not even make the flower just like that, I’m thinking of something that will fit in with my afternoon tea theme a little better than that, we will see πŸ™‚Β Sneak peak of my theme…..


Anyways, I will be back tomorrow with the new Facebook page!!!!!!!! Hope to see you all there πŸ˜‰