Day Two of my juice fast :)

So yesterday I posted a quick bit about what I’m doing, tonight I might get to write a bit more. If you have a three year old and a hectic life, you will understand that time to myself to write a blog can sometimes be next to impossible, so thanks to you guys who read what I write and stay patient if I don’t blog when I say I’m going to πŸ™‚

Anyhow, my ‘food’ yesterday consisted of this:



Basically, its a small jar (approx 500ml) of carrot, orange, apple, carrot and celery juice, and two big jars (approx 845mL) one is strawberry, mint, cucumber and celery, and the other is kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, green apple and carrot. I also had a one litre bottle of soda streamed water with lime, and 4 jars of lemon water. For dinner I also ate corn soup.

I have decided that on my juice fast, if I get hungry (it does wear off after a while, but I find myself having a massive fail in the first few days every time, I’m going to try and not let that happen this time!!) that I’m going to add some fruits and vegetables into my diet, just to CHEW something, I think that is a huge thing for me, the chewing of the food πŸ™‚ So chunky vegetable soups, salads, fruits, dehydrated fruits and veggies, I’m going to include these when needed. Might be a couple a day, might not be any for a few days, will wait and see. Like today for instance I had slices of tomato with pink Himalayan salt and ground pepper on them, tasted super yum and totally hit the spot πŸ˜€

Pretty much this will be the go most days, so rather than post photos of juice each day (thats not very exciting!!) I’m going to try and post about different things that interest me about a raw vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, and hopefully you too. Tomorrows post is about KOMBUCHA, am super excited, my friend is sending me a SCOBY so I can make my own, will tell you all about it tomorrow πŸ˜€



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