Happy 2014…. Thirteen days late :)

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! I am always excited about a new year, always have been. Its time to set new goals, feel refreshed, put the previous year behind you and go go go 😀

I am a little late on starting 2014, I have been really unwell. I had planned out this whole juice fast, a total cleanse to start the new year. Unfortunately my body had other plans, and one day into it my ovaries decided to rupture themselves a cyst and boom, there went the juice fast 😦 If you don’t know much about this fun little thing called PCOS, basically, cysts grow inside your ovaries and at any given moment they can explode (ok, I’m being dramatic, they don’t exactly explode) leading to massive pain not unlike the pain I experienced during my 3 day labour (no, that’s not me being dramatic again, that happened, and it was totally what this felt like). I went to the hospital and was given the gas I had when I actually was in labour, some morphine, Endone, and a bunch of other stuff. On a good day I take nothing, on a bad day I may take a regular old Nurofen (ibuprofen) so to have all of these in my body made me sooooo sick, and I couldn’t even sip water and keep it in for over 24 hours. So today is the 13th of January…. I’m feeling better and am ready to start my year.

I am feeling much better, my head is clear, I have had my relax (so relaxed I ate MEAT, hmmmm) and I’m ready to go. Have all my juicing ingredients ready, I have my Lugol’s solution (iodine), my psyllium, lots of herbal teas and am getting a scoby from a friend to start my own kombucha!! So exciting 😀 (more about kombucha later).

So if you haven’t heard much about juice fasting, this is pretty much the go: I will be having only fresh fruit juices for the next 60 days. Why 60 days? It does seem like an insanely long time, but rest assured I have my doctors approval. I have some very stubborn weight that just won’t shift, and its been probably a year that I have plateaued. Its getting very frustrating, and if you have read previous posts, my doctor had said, much to my dislike, that I am really going to have to shock my body big time to get it going again. So not taking his suggestion of meal replacement shakes (no way I’m drinking that toxic crap again) and talked him into saying yes on the juice, where I will get ACTUAL nutrients, not just synthetic junk made in a factory. I want to stress right now, DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT I’M DOING WITHOUT A DOCTOR SAYING OK. To learn more watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDSpuMIMPs

I’m going to post another blog tonight outlining what I’ve had all day, and more about how it will affect me, and why juice fasting is so good 🙂 I did a smaller juice fast at the start of last year, and am so glad I did, it was really beneficial for me especially in resetting my taste buds and habits.

Anyway, more to come later 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!




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