Exams are over, its time to concentrate on me

So you may have noticed this is the first post which is not numbered. Its been a very long time between posts, and in a nutshell here is where I’m at:

I have completely stalled in my “raw foodie” goal. I have eaten chicken sausages. I have eaten junk food. I have eaten all the not great stuff I used to. I dont feel bad about it, just very tired and not very well. It happened and I’m totally fine with it, Im not mad at myself or anyhing silly like that, it’s how I dealt with the stress of exam time, this year, and exactly how I have every other end of session/exam time. Except this time I gained weight, got a virus, got really sick, and needed a Dr certificate to postpone one of my exams until February. It happened, its not great but hey, I made it through and there is nothing I can do about it now. I have done pretty much zero exercise, had little time to do anything that wasnt studying, and I definitely learnt that I wont be doing that next time. (On a side note, results have started coming back and I got a distinction for microbiology so far, which gave me a bit of a pleasant shock, thanks carbs :D)

My Pilates course is about 5 months away, so now is the time to focus.  Now that I have a little break, I have time to organise and plan, prepare good foods and really focus on myself, which is very much over-needed right now!! Sometimes, for your own sanity, you just have to say no and give yourself a bit of a time out. Cross trainer is now in the lounge room, ready to go, did a nice workout the other night, and am happy to get back into it. Mostly I’m excited to start my Pilates training, every day, I love it so much and am too too excited to get into it!!!!

So…. I have a ‘raw transition’ plan I’m going to give a really good go, and will let you all know how I’m going along the way. My poor overused juicer burnt its engine out a week ago (not the biggest surprise), so am waiting for a new one to be delivered (this week hopefully yay!!!) So right now, I have my check list of things I am going to do each day, for the next 21 days. Tomorrows is replace breakfast with a smoothie and all snacks with fruit. Easy. Already got the smoothie part down, I have that every morning already anyway 🙂 The snack part is new, am sitting here trying to think of what I have for snacks, I’m thinking most ‘snacks’ are when I’m having my oat milk decaf cappuccino, but will have either veggies or fruit, instead of just fruit, I’m not the biggest fan of sweet things….

Anyways, just a quick hello, and now that I have an actual chance to write again expect to see more of me 😀 I’m back 😀




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