Day One Hundred and Twenty Five: Two sleeps.

So it is only two sleeps now until I turn the two threes. (Thats 33 for anyone who doesnt speak ‘three year-oldish’) 🙂 I am busy writing shopping list after shopping list, reading a certain scary recipe for a certain cake that better not fail, studying at the same time (I had an exam today!!), and a million other things. And guess what. I am tired.

My digestion this week has reminded me of being hungover. Its been a pretty long time since I was, but I ate some bad stuff this week and have been paying for it ever since. Tonight was probably the most food Ive eaten in two days, Ive just been having juices and shots of my coconut yoghurt that I made in an attempt to clean the system out, but I’m not feeling any better :/ Its taught me a big lesson: Don’t eat the bad stuff, it makes you feel bad. Surprising, isnt it 😉 No matter how much of it I used to eat, I cannot tolerate it anymore, so dont even think about it. The things I ate were corn chips and rice noodles. Two of my most favouritist things in the world. But luckily I discovered something, they arent any more. I just dont love them any more. I drank a green juice and was way more excited about that. So that was kind of cool….

So almost exactly three years ago I started losing weight, and am sitting at the mark of 32 kilos lost, and a bunch more to go. I have been stuck for a pretty long time now, and although this eating is making me feel a lot better, my skin is 100% better, my moods are way better and my tiredness is (usually) better, I just have to start figuring out what to do next. Im thinking its going to have to be a bunch of exercise, which I totally have time for (massive sarcasm alert), but I really cant see any alternative. Which is fine, because I like doing it, its just finding that time to do it.

Anyways, Ill sort it out and make a birthday resolution and all will be fine 🙂 Some exciting things that happened this week:

I made my own coconut yoghurt. That was pretty cool 🙂 And I made pumpkin caramel sauce too, which was almost as good, but I do so love creamy coconut yoghurt!!!


My bubba started drinking green juice 🙂 That was pretty cool, he isn’t a big tryer of things, and now he asks to drink it, so that was very exciting for me!!


You know what? As much as I want to write lots of things, I think Im going to have an early night. Might try and write again tomorrow (with photos too, Im feeling a bit lazy to go upstairs and get the phones USB cable). Sorry guys, just a quick check in for tonight I guess 😉






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