Day One Hundred and Thirteen: We have movement :)

So, the scales have moved. To the tune of a kilo and a half down. Ill take it 🙂

I haven’t been blogging lately, if you saw the list of things I have to do between now and the end of October, you may even be asking why on Earth I’m sitting here writing this right now…. the answer would be “because I miss it” 🙂

I haven’t done anything spectacular or innovative the past two weeks, just kept going along, drinking my smoothies and juices, eating my foods, same old same old. But Spring is here and there are super yum fruits coming, fresher yummer vegetables to buy, and my birthday is coming too. I may or may not post what I eat on my birthday, I haven’t decided yet ha ha ha I am having a ‘Daisy-style’ high tea with some of my friends. You will see what I mean by ‘Daisy-style’ later 😀 It’s going to be cute, full of cakes, and I’m really excited 😀 So until then, I’m on my best behaviour 😀 I have recently bought some digestive enzymes, which seem to be working slightly when I eat foods to lessen any problems I was having, and I’ll definitely be having a bucket full of them that day. Or I might surprise myself and just eat a few of the things I’m making, we will see ha ha ha ha

So this is just a quick catch up, will start posting photos of my foods again tomorrow 🙂 Hope some of you are still here after my two week break Ive had!!! xxIMG_1765

P.S this stuff is ENERGY CENTRAL!!!! Ive been having it most days in the morning, its such a pick me up, makes you feel better than any coffee in the morning ever will 🙂 Its just 75g frozen blueberries, 75g frozen raspberries, 1/2 a cup of oat milk, 1 cup of coconut water, and a tablespoon of black chia seeds. Awesome 😀 I know Ive posted heaps of photos of it before, but I can’t stress enough how good it makes you feel 😀 Oh, and super easy to make!!!!!!!


One thought on “Day One Hundred and Thirteen: We have movement :)

  1. Great to c u back Daisy! & of course I’m still here, u can’t get rid of me that easy!!! Also great to hear that things are moving & changing & the good stuff is staying in place & the not so good is more balanced, and not totally gone, which is how it should b in my opinion. Healthy healthy balance of all things!! Love hearing from u beautiful Daisy. Keep going my lovely xx

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