Day One Hundred: Finally :D

I have made it, blogging my way to one hundred days on my transition to mostly raw foods. Its been really fun doing this, and has opened my mind to so many things. I am not even close to my end goal yet, but have taken a pretty good run at the start of it, and that has made me happy. I don’t think I could go back to eating the amount of processed meat and crap I used to eat, just how gross I feel when I do eat something that isn’t ideal, its not something I can just put up with anymore.

So I haven’t been taking photos of my food the last few days, you already know what green juices and purple smoothies look like 😀 I also ate chocolate cake today, and am paying for it in discomfort right now :/ Totally not worth it!!!

So for the next 100 days, things should get interesting 😀 I have stepped up my exercise, Ive been walking each day this week with bubba in the stroller, we went for a two hour walk yesterday!! Went again this morning, I did some of my Pilates exercises the other night while going through my manual, and some cross trainer too. Am feeling highly motivated right now, other than eating the cake 😉

So yeah, just wanted to check in, seeing as its my 100th day and all, see you tomorrow 😀




One thought on “Day One Hundred: Finally :D

  1. It is so great to hear ur motivation Daisy!
    Even the part about the choc cake! There’s no hiding there, just raw honesty! U r doing so so well my lovely! So incredibly proud of u xx

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