Day Ninety Seven: Having a good day :)

There is nothing liking having a spot on day to make you feel pretty good. I got study done. I ate well. I burned 670 calories on my cross trainer. I looked at my Pilates training course and got excited. I invited my friends to my birthday party (my birthday is exactly a month from today, excited!!) Today was a good day 🙂

While I am on my cross trainer, I watch myself in the mirror. Did you ever wonder why gyms have mirrors? Its supposed to be for watching your form as you lift, and your technique and stuff like that. I use it to visualise. Yes, that sounds all new agey and weird and stuff, but while I’m ‘running’ on my cross trainer, I take the time to take a good hard look at myself and decide what I want. Does that make sense? No, I’m not standing there picking apart and hating different things about myself, its more that I can see the good stuff, and get motivated by that to make it even better. My cross trainer is what the shower is to some people, its where I think 🙂

I also use the time as my meditation. I don’t do sitting still and quiet very well, my brain doesn’t like it and makes itself super annoying until I get off my butt and go and do something. On my cross trainer I pump the music and go a bit crazy, which sometimes makes my hesitation to exercise a bit confusing sometimes. When I’m doing it, I love it. But it takes a fair bit of talking into to get me to do it. Why, I can’t figure that out, other than the obvious pressing deadlines uni holds, dirty house, the bubba needing me…… So I’ve made a deal with myself… Mondays and Tuesdays I do cross trainer. Every other morning than that Ill be pushing Eddie in his pram, now that the weather is warmer, and we are going to walk. I’m not a fan of walking unless I have somewhere to walk to, but I just have no choice. I have a deadline, and a fitness goal to reach, and I’m just going to have to do it. No excuses.

So, the food today was exactly how it should have been. I was happy with my food day today, this is what i had:


Purple Smoothie with chia seeds


Celery with danish feta and sundried tomatoes


Green juice and a small salad (I also sprinkled sesame seeds, himalayan pink salt and cracked pepper on this after i took the photo, yum)


Ive had 3 of these, raw cacao truffles


And I had vegetables for dinner 🙂

Not a bad day 😀

Not much else to report at the moment, just going along and hoping I get all the things done that I want to… Oh, tomorrow my friend and I are going to the farmers market, will see what awesome stuff I can find there 🙂 But thats about it for exciting things at the moment, head down, get this uni session finished so I can have summer to relax… And study ha ha ha ha 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂



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