Day Eighty Nine: A bit emotional….

I’m off to uni for almost a week. I love it because I have met so many awesome people through doing my degree, but it definitely makes me sad not to be at home too.

This time I am doing 4 days in a lab worth of Microbiology. We get to look at germs and bacterias and all the cool stuff under microscopes, first thing I’m doing is making a slide of a swab of my phone, definitely 😀 I want to know exactly how gross it is, seeing as its in my hand the majority of the day!

Anyway, Ive made 6 almost half litre jars of my berry smoothie and green juice to take, have my snacks all planned out and wrote an email to tell the cooks there exactly how difficult I’m going to be, poor guys ha ha ha ha Also packed my gym clothes, actually did a workout last time, so might fit in one this time too 🙂

So….. Last night I did two things: I had a cake order 🙂 I closed my little cake business for a while, this was the last order I took before I did that, may as well show you guys what 4.5 hours of decorating gets you 😉


It was slightly huge, 10 inches across the middle and 6 high, that was a heavy cakie 😀

And I also found the photo I will use at the time I reach my goal weight, that I will be using for my ‘before’ photo. I’m not going to post it yet, I will say this though…. It made me sad. I cant even remember looking like that now, cause I have been stuck at this weight so long, but even though it was my birthday, and I’m holding my bubba, I look very unhappy and very uncomfortable. It made me think about how happy it makes me to not be (and I really dont want to come across as rude or anything) a silly person anymore who does nothing about it. Do you know what I mean? To keep doing the exact same thing and feel so awful all of the time, and just never want more, or try to achieve more. And its made me look at myself now and know I can do this and keep going. I did post a little bit about my story and my photo on one of the raw food pages I am on, and one lady wrote this:

“You just made me cry! I identify so strongly with your story. Well done, I think you just helped me regain my motivation. Thank you!”

And another wrote this:

“Thank you so much for sharing, I am going to show this to my daughter, she has struggled with similar behaviors and just like you wants to be happy. Until I read your story I didn’t connect it to her diet. You are a beautiful woman regardless of weight as is my daughter but feeling good and not having the mood swings is a quality of life. I’m sure you will continue to drop the weight as you stay with changes you’ve made in your diet. Bubba will grow up knowing a healthier lifestyle too. Bless you Daisy!”

I guess I never started out writing this blog or sharing my story with anyone for anything other than personal reasons of maybe wanting a bit of a pat on the back, and a bit of encouragement to keep going… But hearing that people are motivated and inspired by my determination really touches me, and motivates me so much more than anything.

As I’ve been writing this I just had another message posted:

“I read happiness in your determination, happiness in your steps of lifestyle change. You have a wonderful empowered determined look in the recent photo, and you do glow!! Let that twinkle come through in your eyes and love your journey. You have conquered some major hurdles, and in the midst of having a child. You will give him the gift of loving himself and the awareness of health based choices. BRAVO DAISY, you might feel the you still have a long road to go but I see how far you’ve come. I hope you are as proud of yourself, as we; your ######## community are for you! Yes, it is more than looks, it is health. Again, BRAVO!!”

Am speechless. The effect words have on me is very powerful. I’m so ready to keep going, because things like that make me believe in myself. And I can do this.

So on that note, I will see you all on the other side of my uni res school.




One thought on “Day Eighty Nine: A bit emotional….

  1. You ARE amazing Daisy! I completely agree with every word these people have said! U should be very proud of yourself. What u do really does affect & inspire other people. I’m just happy to do some part to encourage & support you, and share your journey. Hope u have fun @ uni this week. Look forward to hearing how it all went – both the food side of things & the uni side 🙂

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