Day Eighty Four: Makes sense to me!!

So I am posting super early today, as I have an exam later and a stack of cramming to do before I go to uni at the end of the week.

I really wanted to share this, I follow Jess Ainscough and her blogs and fb updates, she is a massive inspiration to me, and where I would like to be down the track. Her posts have inspired me so much, particularly when I need reminding sometimes why I’m doing all this uni craziness when I am so tired and exhausted, it reminds me that I want to be able to help people achieve their best health, and in order to do that, I need to get mine into the place where I am happy, energetic and full of life first.

This was her post today, and its exactly how I have been thinking lately, you guys have seen that on my posts here. I agree with this 100% I actually have the Gerson therapy book, and once the craziness dies down I will be reading every word of it. I am always open to new ideas, and love reading all of the different things that work for everyone 🙂

Definitely read that, its really great 😀

I’ve actually noticed a drop in how often I’m craving salty foods, which is my number one craving all of the time. And I have also noticed its only when I’m totally exhausted that I want those type of foods, and then as you might have seen from my recent posts, that food makes me feel a lot worse and tired afterwards anyway!!!!!

I’m at the point where I’m totally re-learning how to eat. It sounds weird, I’m not a 2 year old trying stuff for the first time, but I definitely feel that way!!!! My tastes have totally changed, I look at all these wholefood and raw sites lately and find myself having cravings for stuff I’ve never even tasted properly, like the dehydrated eggplant ‘bacon’ on a vegetarian BLT, or zucchini pesto pasta using a spiralizer to make zucchinis into long spirals, instead of actual pasta, stuff like that. I have my whole life decided that I hate zucchini and eggplant!! Mostly because Ive only ever had it boiled the hell out of so it was all slimy and mushy and gross, I don’t think it was the flavour, just the preparation of it, and all of a sudden I am so willing to give it another go 😀 And last night before i fell asleep I even found myself thinking about breakfast this morning, straight away I was like “oooooh my berry smoothie, definitely, will add in some chia seeds, that will be great”, Ive had my lemon water as soon as I got up, we went out for coffee this morning so I had a green rose tea, and came home and now have my beautiful purple smoothie sitting here ready for me to drink while I study. Cant wait 😀

Have a great day people out there in internet land 🙂 And listen to your belly, its telling you what it wants. And its not hamburgers 😉 Mines telling me that I need to make a batch of these raw cacao truffles and eat them with a big plate of strawberries later 😀IMG_0657


Oh hey, and check this out, this is me at the start of this whole thing, eighty four day ago, and the other photo is me last week. I may not have lost any numbers on the scale, but I think there is a huge difference in my skin and everything, winning!!!!!!IMG_0262



Of course, having your hair done makes you feel a bit awesome too, but I think I look a bit better 😀




2 thoughts on “Day Eighty Four: Makes sense to me!!

  1. Looking forward to reading your blogspot tonight. The pictures are beautiful. I had a quick look and it lifted my spirits to see the work and effort you have gone to. A true blessing. Keep going cos thus is for the benefit of many. Just fabulous.

  2. So great Daisy! It always helps to find someone else who thinks how u think & who has been doing it for longer. Jess’s blog sounds great. Good luck with ur exams xx

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