Day Eighty Three: Mind over matter

So here I am at day eighty three. Been a little bit quiet lately, exams start this week, then uni next week to go and explore microbiology in the uni lab, should be good but am very tired. Adding to my tiredness is that I haven’t been eating so well. It always gets to this around exam time. I get exhausted. Like being awake two whole days in a row tired. I’m blinking and my eyes are open, but don’t expect a proper conversation out of me!!! I’m actually finding it really difficult to write this right now even, its almost 6pm at night, and I have another at least five hours until I go to bed.

So, whats changed from day one to day eighty three? Not my weight, thats for sure. Pretty much been sitting on the same number this while time. Thats a bit crap. But what else has changed? SO MUCH!!!!

My skin is finally being good. Am pretty happy about that. My hormone fluctuations have calmed down, and the ovary pain I was getting has also calmed down. What a relief!! I’m not having mood swings, skin outbreaks, breath-taking on and off pain, so in that way things are great 🙂

So thats the good stuff. The bad stuff is the weight. Thats next. It WAS first on the list but I’m now feeling that the more important things have been almost sorted out so now to work on this. Am just going to have to burn it off with exercise, there is no other way around it. I am pretty happy with my diet most of the time (other than this past week), so now just to burn off the other stuff sitting there that needs to get gone.

So, uni next week. I wont be eating mass produced powdered scrambled eggs. I refuse…. I got these 😀


Am totally loving them, and will be taking my own juice out to uni 😀 I am going to freeze it (which from last uni, where we did experiments on OJ and know that freezing destroys a stack of vitamins), it will be better than the alternative!!!!!!!

Jumped on board the ‘taking photos of my smoothies/juices in my jars and posting it everywhere’ bandwagon ha ha ha ha ha


So my new mantra for the moment: “Food does NOT give me energy.” Although, technically, in a physiological way it does…. Ive been seeing reactions I have to certain foods and I can definitely say that after some things, and particularly bigger meals, I mostly feel worse than better. The above smoothie is awesome, I feel great after that. Its easy to digest. I just ate a big bowl of pad thai noodles for dinner, and am so exhausted I can barely function. It feels like a huge lump just sitting in there, making me tired.

Mostly, when I’m tired I eat. Lots. But it never helps, so I need to talk myself out of thinking that way now that I know it….

So instead of rambling along I think I’ll go now 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day Eighty Three: Mind over matter

  1. Good luck for ur exams. I feel for u lovely. I know what it’s like to be up 2 days in a row trying to get work done. I can’t imagine what it’s like with a bubba as well! Take care of urself. Sounds like u now know what u have to do, and that’s the 1st step. U r doing so well! Set backs are normal, especially in times of stress. Keep going lovely xx

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