Day Seventy Four: Learnt some more stuff and had a good think

So, today I am back on my juice. Which is pretty much where I started…. yes? Because I had a really big think about it, tried something out, and I was right.

Yesterday I ate around 1500 calories. Of whatever. I had bread, I made pumpkin and spinach rolls for dinner, I had DAIRY, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and put it in my calorie counter and made sure it was under 1500. So today, I did exactly the same thing. Except I had juice, juice and more juice. I also had vegetables for dinner (with my favourite garnish of the moment, danish feta ha ha ha ha) and ate fruit. The difference in how I felt yesterday to how I felt today, where I have changed nothing but the quality of what I had was HUGE. I wasn’t tired at all today. I studied ALL DAY, and didnt lose concentration. I wasn’t mad at all at anything. I was focused and calm and felt awesome, which was a LOT different to yesterday, where I was sooo tired I could barely keep my eyes open by mid afternoon. I felt totally drained, snappy, and just wanted to keep eating to get some energy. There was such a massive difference. And the reason was this:

If you are clogging up your system with foods that take ages to digest, that sit all on top of each other and suck your energy to move them through your body, it takes away from other good stuff, like creating more energy, renewing cells, all that important stuff. It makes you feel tired, because thats how your system works (I know, I did physiology at uni.) You are either alert and functioning and doing stuff, or you are ‘resting and digesting’. So if you are using a stack of energy to get through the pile of food you ate, where is your energy going to come from when you need it?

In Kimberly Snyders book ‘The Beauty Detox’ she goes on about that for pages and pages, but it didn’t completely sink in until I was doing a lecture for uni tonight, we are doing the gastrointestinal system. And our lecturer was talking about when you eat fat. When you eat something like a pizza or something equally as yum (and fatty) what is does is inhibits the digestive process. What also happens if you eat a really big meal, the stretching of the stomach makes you digest your food faster as it tries to gain control and make the stomach small again. So a few things happen.

1. If you eat fatty foods, the digestive process slows down, leading to more energy required to work, taking away from energy you need to feel awake and alert and do loads of things.

2. If you eat a large meal, you body is working harder to digest it, also taking away from the energy you could use in other ways, but also speeding the food through so less nutrients are being absorbed.

So thats my thinking anyway. Let me know if it makes sense to you. What was interesting is that the lecturer also said that you are gaining almost 3 times the energy from fats as you would from eating carbohydrates. That would be good yes, gaining energy? Not if you are sitting around on your behind after the meal, storing that nice energy all over your body and making your pants too tight, mmm-hmm…..

So my experiment today was to see how I felt after each ‘meal’ (I’m not going to call a juice a meal, it is what it it, a drink) and I felt great. No digestive problems, no tightness or bloating from eating the wrong thing, I had energy, I could concentrate, it was one of the best stomach-feeling days I have had for a while. And because I wasn’t all sleepy I got a lot more things done. So it was a big WIN.

This is what I ate today, which almost matched my calories to what I ate yesterday, but with so many more vitamins and nutrients I’m sure!!!:


Green juice made from kale, celery, cucumber and green apple


Purple smoothie made from raspberries, blueberries, oat milk, coconut water and ice



Orange, apple, cucumber, celery and carrot juice

I also had a small amount of walnuts for morning tea, and some strawberries for afternoon tea, and for dinner I had


Vegetables with red wine vinegar, and a small amount of danish feta

and tonight Ive had


Strawberries and two raw cacao truffles, and 2 cups of peppermint tea.

And I can say I haven’t really felt all that hungry, I’ve felt really good. Which is awesome.

And I was just over my calorie count, which pretty much matched yesterdays, and is also over the ‘suggested’ number of calories, in case anyone was wondering if I was eating enough. I do get a lot of negative feedback when people see that this is what I eat sometimes. But if you ask me, this is a lot better than the diet shakes I used to drink three times a day with little to no food. I have fats (nuts, coconut oil), omegas (walnuts) fibre (fruit) iron (kale and other veggies).

So after today, I think this is the way I’m going to go for a while, feeling positive and happy 🙂




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