Day Seventy One: Changing :)

With my new found like (I didn’t say love) of vegetables, I’ve been finding my tastes and craving changing a lot. Which is great, cause thats what I want them to do!! Where I used to eat ridiculous things (and I’m going to admit to it, when I was single, dinner quite a few nights of the week were English muffins with soy mayo and cheese, followed by corn chips and french onion dip) I really don’t want to eat any of those things any more. Its weird how they just look totally unappealing, where as before if you even rustled a bag of chips, I’d be looking like one of those meerkat guys, all alert and “What? What was that noise?”

Just now I have gone into the kitchen, which is my room in the house, I own it and everything in it. Or else. Bit bored, bit procrastinating cause I have lots to do, looking for a snack, as you do. Lots of crackers and yum stuff [read: PREVIOUSLY yum stuff] in there, but it just doesn’t look good. I have no craving for salt today, which is my HUGE issue, and I found some berries in the freezer. They aren’t my berries, I dont’ eat them, but all of a sudden I was like yeah, huge antioxidant smoothie, yeah. So I made this:


Yes, it was that purple. It might have even been a bit more purple than that. And it was sooooo good 🙂

Blueberries, raspberries, ice, oat milk and a sachet of this stuff:


WAS SO YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was one really great thing about today, realising that I’m changing, and changing how I wanted to, nice coincidence!!

I’m now going to show you all the stuff Ive been eating thew past few days, its been a bit yum 😀 I’m also going to start throwing it all into my calorie counter (which yes, I said I wouldn’t do, but I’m just not moving any fats and I want it gone NOW, am totally maintaining my current weight which is just not acceptable anymore. If I had a million hours in the day I would just eat the same and burn it off, but I don’t, I have uni and a family and finding time right now is proving to be a bit difficult 😦 )

SO this was my leftover veggies on my gluten free bread, I probably only needed to eat about half this much though 😀


My big green breakfast yesterday!!!!!!



Yesterdays lunch, which I only ate half of, was so full!! Was so yum though 😀



Dinner last night, soup with mushrooms and spinach, such an easy fast dinner, love this 😀


Morning tea, made my own almond meal from raw almonds, have never done that before, only had a food processor for a little while, was so happy with how it turned out!!

SO thats what Ive been eating the past couple of days. All good food yes, but something isn’t right so will have to look into boring old calories again, sigh, and get back on the elliptical trainer now that my essay is finished and I don’t have as much pressure. Anyway, my motivation is high, my tastes are changing and its making me happy that I feel like I’m going down the right road. Finally 😀




One thought on “Day Seventy One: Changing :)

  1. Yay Daisy! I’m so happy to hear about the changes ur making. Not too sure how I feel about the whole ‘calorie counting’…but I understand why u feel like u have to do it & u have been working really hard to change & eat better, so maybe a bit of calorie counting for these new foods ur eating will b beneficial. U have stuck with it, even though U haven’t lost much weight – that’s hard to do! But I think the best thing is noticing how ur energy levels change & how ur body feels. U’ve made some awesome changes so far! Keep up the motivation & good luck for this next chapter in the journey xx

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