Day Sixty Four: The magic pills

Hi hi! You may have noticed its been a long time in between posts, I’ve had no internet (AGAIN!!!) thanks to a bubba that can turn on a galaxy tablet, open YouTube, find BluCollection (if you don’t know him and you love Disney Pixar Cars figurines, do yourself a huge favour and have a look, I love it too ha ha ha ha ha) and watch a stack of it, losing valuable internet downloads into oblivion. Yeah, I let him….. He loves it 🙂

So the title of today’s post is all about the small miracle in a bottle that I have come across in my pursuit of balancing out these stupid hormones that run rampant through me and make me a bit of a cranky. Its called Diindolylmethane (DIM)  and according to it “is a substance created as a result of digesting foods containing indole-3-carbinol – which can be found in broccoli, cabbage and certain other vegetables.”

Whatever it is called or where it comes from doesn’t matter to me, for me the promise of balanced estrogen (I have normal range estrogen, but low progesterone, which makes the estrogen ‘dominant’ to the level of progesterone i make) sounded pretty good and I was keen to give it a try. I read soooo many reviews of people it had helped with the same symptoms as me, and for the same price of the synthetic progesterone hormone I was talking that had little effect to my hormone levels (but huge effect to my poor skin) I thought it was worth a shot. And a week in, I can completely say it was.

On the second day I took it I had already noticed increased energy. When you have a three year old ANY increase in energy is good. I put my iPhone on the dock and we danced for an hour. We ran around (I don’t do running for ANYONE), we played cars and trains all day. At 4pm, I wasn’t tired. Which was very odd. I wasn’t tired at 8pm either.

On the third day bubba woke up at 7.00am. He doesn’t do that very often, he takes after his mum and loves his sleeping, so this was about an hour and a half off my sleep time, and I’ve been getting to bed around midnight as I’m in full study mode. And guess what, I felt fine. I wasn’t cranky. I wasn’t tired. We went out for morning tea again and had a very nice day. I am feeling really good.

The one ‘negative’ about it is that SOME people haven’t figured out that all of a sudden I’m in a good non-tired mood. I guess its been so long with me being a cranky-head that its just assumed that the second I open my eyes that I’m a bit mad. Not true any more, yay!!! So here is the broadcast: I feel fine 😀 I even cranked out a 700+ calorie workout at 9.45 the other night. Been a long time since I did that!!!!!

So, these are what my magic pills look like:


My one big hope is that they keep working the same, for a really long time. The vegetables mentioned as ingredients I am going to include more of in my diet too, it can only help!!!

So that’s my good news 🙂 I cant believe its day sixty four already, I can’t see a massive difference in how I look so much, but obviously how I feel is a lot better, especially after cutting out some things that for me were causing a fair bit of inflammation. I think that’s the key, not all these fad diets and stuff, just get really in tune with how your body reacts to certain things and cut down on the ones causing problems. At the moment I have identified something big that is causing a great deal of fatigue and generally feeling pretty awful after consuming it actually, but because habits are habits I don’t want to give it up, and will be very sad when I do. Its my coffee.

I love my coffee. Well, my faux coffee. I have Swiss water treated decaf with oat milk. Instantly after finishing a cup I could go to sleep. For hours. I think its just too heavy and sucks my brain energy down into the belly trying to digest and get through this ginormous cup of oat milk and coffee I’ve just poured ‘down the hill’ (which is what bubba calls eating food and it going into the belly, he is going to make a great doctor someday 😀 ) For me, my cup of coffee is such an emotional thing, my husband makes it for me, always has, and he really likes making it. Its our ‘thing’ that we drink the coffee, well, that’s how I feel about it, and to give it up will make me really sad 😦 I have tried having smaller ones, it helps a little bit, but its just not the same. Its funny how you can get emotionally attached to a habit or food and you continue to do it because of the feelings attached, even when it makes you feel completely crap.

Anyways, not much of a change in food and haven’t really tried anything new this week, will be working on that again soon 🙂 I’m off to do a microbiology test now for uni, wish me luck 🙂




One thought on “Day Sixty Four: The magic pills

  1. That’s great Daisy! so glad to hear that ur energy has picked up! I know how u feel about the coffee. I too love having coffee catch ups & it’s the one time I let myself sit down & relax & enjoy some time either by myself in the sun, or with a friend. I’m sad for u too 😦 but it sounds like ur getting really good at listening to ur body & knowing what it likes & doesn’t like – that’s the 1st step, so congrats! Hope the test goes well today. Much love xx

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