Day Fifty Six: Wow….

Yeah, so today has been pretty annoying. Zero food. I have had three bowls of my packet Thai soup, minus any veggies or noodles, so basically strained water and flavour. I have also had a celery, cucumber and apple juice, let it sit there for a while so it separated out, spooned all the foam off the top and drank the clear stuff. And a bunch of ginger beer and some sugar free lollies. Oh, and a stack of water. Thats it.

Plus one of the most vile tasting substances ever, the Picoprep drink sachets I’ve had to have to ‘clean out all the junk’. Wow, if you have never had one of these, you are the luckiest person right now to me, cause WOW. Just WOW. Everyone always said they were bad, I have a pretty high tolerance for stuff other people cant handle, but this is seriously revolting stuff. Try the texture of ground chalk, mix in a glass full of seawater, add a spoonful of electrolyte powder and top it off with some really awesome chemically produced aspartame, and you might get close. Ive just had the second one and I’m starting to feel pretty ill, oh, it was just so gross.

So my thoughts right now are: I’m cleaned out, and I wont be putting junk back in. Here is my chance to start fresh. I have all the stuff I need to juice with here, ingredients to make raw treats and foods, am back on the path šŸ˜€ This morning, all of a sudden, my facebook was flooded with all of these awesome raw food and vegetarian recipes from the multitude of pages I’m on, so I spent a bit of time looking at super yum recipes and food. It’s like the universe knew I was having a a zero food day, and thought it would help me out by showing me a million things I wanted to eat šŸ™‚ Even things like eggplant, which I SO don’t like, looked really awesome this morning…

So tomorrow, hopefully these doctor guys find out something to explain whats been going on, there is nothing worse than having symptoms and then being told that they didn’t find anything and they have no idea. I hate that. Its been the story of my life. Wish me luck xx


One thought on “Day Fifty Six: Wow….

  1. oh yuck! I do wish u luck Daisy! I really, really do! I hope they find some answers for you coz ur right, there is nothing more annoying than being told, “we didn’t find anything.” Bah! So annoying! Good luck lovely. Keep us updated xx

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