Day Fifty Five: Its white and yellow day

That was my fun menu for today, white and yellow. The exact list I was given was: white bread, chicken/meat/fish, eggs, potatoes. I eat exactly NONE of those things, with the exception of eggs maybe once a week, I’m not the biggest fan of eggs…. So this posed a bit of a problem for me. I have had eggs, clear soup, my green juice (which I was told I was allowed to have but I had to strain it until it was almost clear, and will be almost all I have tomorrow) and I snuck in a Dr Pepper, sooooo not good for me, but I rarely have them.

So tomorrow is clear liquids and soups day, followed by the fun Picoprep drink which I have been assured are the grossest drink ever. Its all worth it to know whats going on in the belly though 😉 Its funny, the whole list for white foods, other than the eggs, are all things that aggravate my stomach and make me puff out to look six months pregnant, they are a funny thing to give to someone with these kind of symptoms!!

So no new food photos today, or tomorrow, cause there will be no food!!! Hoping that someone tells me what they find after i wake up on Tuesday afternoon will keep you posted 🙂

All of this talk about my health and starting up my studying again, particularly nutritional physiology, has set me thinking about what I want out of ‘my diet’ and where to start after ‘the cameras in the belly day’. Stay tuned 😀

Photo on 2013-07-21 at 21.20 #2



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