Day Fifty Two: So so so busy….

Wow, day 52 already? Time flies when you are flat out busy every day all of a sudden!! I apologise for the lack of posts lately, uni has started up again and for some reason I thought taking on 3 subjects this session would be a fun idea. I’m a crazy, crazy person :/ In the past week so many things have happened, never a dull moment around here.

First off, a sad thing, I have temporarily (but more likely for a pretty long time) shut down my hobby cake making business šŸ˜¦ I love it, but I need to focus on my health and my family and my studies a lot more than I need to stay up until two in the morning covering the kitchen and myself in sugar. It makes me sad, but something had to go šŸ˜¦

The second thing is, you know this cold I’ve had for 8 weeks? It’s not a cold. Not a surprise (my health issues just don’t surprise me anymore šŸ˜¦ ), so have been referred to an ear throat and nose doctor to see whats going on inside those nose holes of mine to make me not be able to breathe all that well, and as of this week, hear either :/ I feel like I’ve been in the swimming pool and the water hasn’t cleared out of my ears, and I’m listening to the whole world with ear plugs in.

I had my anaesthetist appointment today too, all ready for day hospital on Tuesday to see whats going on in the belly. As I’m studying nutritional physiology this session I thought it might be cool if they actually record what you see on the cameras, getting that and having a look, but was told they only take photos of things of particular interest and it’s really quite boring. Boo. Would have liked to see whats on the inside!!!

So what else…. I haven’t lost any weight. I also haven’t been exercising, so not a real big surprise there. Am really feeling like it at times through the day, but then it gets to the time when I can actually do it and I’m wrecked and don’t. Need to work on that.

Food is ok, have been having a few sneaky things, but all in all its been ok. IMG_1055

This isn’t what I ate today, but I had this two nights ago, I love making the spring rolls soooooo much, and baking them in the oven is way better than grilling like I was doing, so good šŸ˜€ Who said you have to deep fry these things?

This is what I had today, amongst other things:


Raw cacao, stevia, loads of ice, oat milk, coconut oil, shredded coconut and coconut essence, my ‘Golden Rough’ smoothie šŸ™‚

And this was my dinner tonight, its my ‘cheating’ meal where I get this Thai soup mix and just add veggies, its like 200 calories in total or something, probably too much sodium but Ive been lacking inspiration to cook lately and this takes seriously 4 minutes to make and doesn’t react badly with my belly, so that’s a huge plus šŸ˜€ Oh, and its super yum!!


Thai soup mix with baby spinach, mushrooms and spring onions

Anyhow, I better get back to my microbiology book and lecture, these things wont learn themselves. Am thinking of starting a facebook page, I come across soooo many recipes and cool pages and stuff in my day, am thinking it might be great motivation for myself (and others) to keep going and especially in trying to reach my raw food goals eventually. I need a cool name, any suggestions?

Have a good day šŸ˜€



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