Day Forty Five: At least I’m learning something….

Yup. I am learning something. I started this blog to keep me accountable with what I eat because I need to lose weight. But I haven’t lost very much, I’ve just been too not well to put in a huge effort exercise-wise, which is what I really need to do right now 😦 But the change in food has been really interesting, and for that I think I am actually happier than if I had lost a stack of kilos at this stage, because it broke the cycle of my old eating, and has started new habits which I have had since I was a young teenager. A HUGE win for me 😀

To me, since I was about 12 or so, being alone in the house meant ‘opportunity to eat’. I would go nuts, and try some of EVERYTHING in the cupboard. As I became an adult it meant the same, but in bigger quantities, seeing as I made the dollars at work, therefore I could spend it how I liked on whatever junk food I liked. As a stay at home mum/student/cake maker/everything now, I still would feel that being alone meant EAT ALL THE FOODS!!! And now, by some food fairy miracle, the cycle has been broken, since I started writing this blog. I don’t know what has changed, granted there are no cakes or anything super bad in this house at the moment, but there ARE crackers and dip and salty foods and bread and cheese and all the stuff I would have usually have had a pretty big field day with seeing as its late at night, bubba is asleep and I’m alone. I just went to the kitchen though, had a look around in there, drank some coconut water, ate a vegan chocolate duck, and came back to write my blog and check my facebook for the thousandth time today. And then had the thought that hang on…. what just happened?

So to me that is a bigger breakthrough than any kilo I could have lost lately, that has been a 20 year habit Ive been needing to break, and all of a sudden, my good habits have kicked in and outweighed the automated ‘open cupboard, eat all the foods, close cupboard’ habit I had. I’m happy 🙂 It feels good.

Today I started back with my juice, I have had food also, but the juice definitely agreed with me 🙂 I have also swapped the coconut oil I was using on my face for cold pressed avocado oil, I was getting a bunch of blocked pores and lumps and bumps, since the swap its sooo much better 🙂 I don’t love the smell as much as the coconut though.


Todays yum juices, just the usual, you guys are prob getting sick of seeing green and purple juice photos all the time hey 😀

My bubba likes to have matching things to me or his dad, so we got matching keeper coffee cups, he has water in his, lemon water in mine, just thought I’d share 😀


Have a good day all 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day Forty Five: At least I’m learning something….

  1. That is awesome Daisy! I’m so happy for u!!!! & even happier to hear that u are not so hung up on the kilos. Breaking habits are a big BIG move. All u need to do is slowly build the motivation to exercise, but I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself about that. You’re doing so well with the new food/thinking way of life – take the time to enjoy that 🙂 Remember, slow & steady wins the race. Have a great wkend lovely xx
    P.s. Lov the Eddie/Mumma pic 🙂

  2. Thats so awesome. That’s exactly the habit I need to break… I always seem to do well for a little while, and then sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide right back down that rabbit hole. Keep it going girl!

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