Day Forty Four: Been non-baking up a storm :)

Thats my new hobby 😀 As a hobby baker, who makes loads of cakies and cookies and all the yummy stuff we all like to eat, I’m having to substitute the flour and the butter and the sugar for better things, especially now that my belly does not want to tolerate them as it once did. So I am now a hobby NON-baker 🙂

Going with the raw food ideas of not heating anything above approx 50 degrees (its 118 F so its like, 47 point something C) I have tried to think of new things I can make that are still super yum, and its HARD. There are so many awesome recipes around, and I will admit some of this raw food business is a bit frustrating because it requires seeing into the future to see what I might like to eat, and start making things a day or two ahead, whereas my normal thinking used to be ‘hmmmmm: CAKE’ and then I would whip one up faster than a Masterchef contestant and there it would be, sitting on my table in all its yummness.

Am glad that my friend posted her chocolate recipe, that has already been an awesome addition to my cookbook, today I made a batch and have limited myself to one a day (lucky its so rich and chocolatey and I’m not a big chocolate person anyhow, so this is actually an easy) and added puffed rice into some of them, they look like this:



These are pretty super yum 😀

I also made these today, raw cacao truffles, they are also super yum:


I was on one of the raw food pages i joined on facebook the other day and someone was asking how everyone who eats raw vegan foods aren’t fat and unhealthy with the amount of oil and nuts and things in the foods, I don’t know, it would just seem like common sense to me but you aren’t supposed to eat this whole plate of truffles, or eat like raw cheesecake every day (the ‘cheese’ part of a raw vegan cheesecake is cashews BTW) just like any other dessert ‘in real life’. Common sense people.

Yesterday my dried fruits were ready, and last night this was my dessert:


Oat milk decaf as usual, with 2 pieces of dried banana, and 3 pieces of dried pear. Not a chemical in sight of that fruit, magic 😀

Oh and dinner tonight was this, in case you think Ive been eating sweet stuff all day ha ha ha ha ha:


A non raw (re: yup it was cooked ha ha ha ha) pumpkin and baby spinach risotto.

I think have have my treaties covered at the moment, which is really good, just to get back on the juicing. I’ve also noticed my water intake has dropped off because its freezing and cold and winter, so I have to step that back up too. Lots of work to do….




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