Day Forty Two: A nice day, yay!!

Today I went to my friends house for a Thermomix demonstration, and yup you guessed it: I WANT. Oh, its was lovely, all this food made so quickly, in one machine that you can rinse and throw in a dishwasher, that you can cook at lower temperatures, that you don’t even need to cut anything and stand in the kitchen or anything, it was just magic. And because I ate little else today other than dinner tonight, I thought I would show you the foods I was given from the magic machine:


A super smooth totally yum Raspberry Sorbet, the best thing about this (other than being light and tangy and yum) was that the raw sugar went in, and the machine turned it to white fluffy icing sugar, that was cool šŸ˜€


Super yum Rosemary and Garlic Dip, oooh that was yum and way better than any bought dip


This was AWESOME, Mushroom Risotto that didn’t need STIRRING!!!! And at the back an awesome Rosemary and Garlic Pizza, with dough that needed NO KNEADING!!! It was easily the best dough Ive had, and it just went in the machine, came out, rested, and was a pizza. It was COOL.

And then we had:


Lemon Custard for dessert.

That machine is amazing, and unfortunately because of the price it would want to be. It would also want to do the vacuuming, bring the washing in and feed the cat too for how much it costs, but I think its totally cool and want one VERY BADLY. ha ha ha ha ha šŸ˜€

When I got home from my super yum feast, I found my dehydrator had finally finished the apples I had put in yesterday. Was thrilled, they are so tangy and appley and a billion times better than any store bought packet dried apples I have ever had. It also puts in perspective that yesterday I had 4 whole apples, and today they were reduced to this:


So dried fruit in moderation peeps, cause thats a lot of apple. I could have quite easily eaten this whole small bag, I think dried fruits are a sometimes food šŸ™‚ The bananas and pears are almost finished drying now, actually, some of the bananas looked pretty ready so i have already helped myself to a few pieces šŸ˜€ Super good šŸ˜€

Getting back on the juicing tomorrow, its my only whole day to myself that I will have my entire almost 4 weeks of uni holidays, I have been lent a stack of awesome recipe books and have a lot of work to do, am keen to have a good food day and get organised for the new uni session starting next week. Am excited šŸ˜€


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