Day Forty One: Still ridiculously sick, winter is not fun

Oh I am so over it!!!! What happened to my awesome immune system where I never got sick, worked in a pharmacy with people coughing and spluttering and chicken pox-ing all over me all day and I would never get anything other than a hangover?? Its been at least a good 6 weeks now that I have had cold symptoms… I say this because I’m not going to say its a cold, because they just don’t last that long!!! To me its got to be a mixture of all of the things shaking up my life, my digestive issues, the stress of exam studying, bubba getting different colds from the other kids at school, the fact i was a bit rundown when I started stuffing around with my diet and then the change in weather. Well, really, I am over it.

My sister and mum were here for a few days which was nice, except that I had the worst flu Ive had so far this year with temperatures over 38 for three nights in a row, but it was still good. Educated my sister on what she called ‘the green gloop’ which I made her for breakfast one morning instead of her usual can of Rockstar and a muesli bar 🙂 I was all set to try some cool new recipes but I was just not well enough so I made some usual things, risotto and the samosas Ive been making, and got rice noodle takeaway one night, was good to not cook 🙂

We watched ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ and ‘Food Additives: An Edible Journey’, both of which I highly recommend watching to anyone. Every time I watch the juicing one I get right back on the juice bandwagon, and did a big shop today for my next week of vitamin filled juice, which I’m very much looking forward to.

I have also done a few shelves of fruit in the dehydrator this afternoon, I bought it at Christmas time with the intention of drying a whole bunch of summer fruits, but they just didn’t have the trays of mangoes, peaches and nectarines being sold on the side of the road like they used to in this area this year, which was very disappointing 😦

This is it in action this afternoon 😀


I was a bit sad at being so unwell in that I couldn’t do some fun cooking, but I did manage to make this, from my uni friends awesome blog:


Oh, its SO GOOD!!!!!!! And its such a big help, when I really feel like something sweet, which is not all that often, I usually go looking for something very bad for me, like leftover cakie offcuts in the freezer, but this is perfect, its so easy to make, and is ready super fast too!!! This is the recipe, I recommend making one batch at a time, because you might end up eating all of it!!!!

I’m going to try mixing some puffed grains into it and making ‘chocolate crackle bars’, the coconut in it reminds me so much of copha filled chocolate crackles, just a million times better for you 😀

At the moment Ive been thinking about how I used to be compared to now… If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would be dehydrating my own food, be vegetarian, making my own chocolate, drinking only oat milk decaf coffees, oil pulling and using coconut on my skin instead of commercial products, I probably would have laughed and said you were crazy 😀 Even though I’m feeling rubbish at the moment, I think it will all work out really well and I wont regret a second of it.

So tomorrow is yet another day, see you all then 😀



One thought on “Day Forty One: Still ridiculously sick, winter is not fun

  1. Hope u get better soon Daisy. The dehydrator looks interesting. I’ll have to try some when I come to visit 🙂

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