Day Thirty Seven: Not much to report today…

Yeah, its going to be a boring one. But I thought I’d post anyway, if anything, to have a record of what I do when I’m not well so when it doesn’t work I’ll remember that for next time.

Ive woken up with bubbas really awesome, fun looking flu. I feel like junk. Touching tonsils, cant breathe through my nose, generally achy, yep, its super fun in my house right now. And with visitors coming tomorrow, I quote my sister, who is a super busy law talking guy and rarely gets time to come the 6 hours it takes to get to our house, when I tried to warn her of potential contagiousness: “I’m willing to get sick, it will be worth it”. So you see, I need to get better by lunchtime tomorrow. If anything, my motivation to feel better, other than my sister and mum coming and not wanting to get them sick, is that I really want to cook the super yum food I have planned and take photos of it. There I said it. Im a food-snapping-oholic.

Actually, today I wasn’t. That shows how awful I feel!!! Also, I didn’t really eat all that much that wasn’t some kind of liquid, and not nutrient filled veggie juices like it should have been either, I just couldn’t muster up the energy to have to clean the juicer after I made a juice.

So my ‘food’ for today was:

Eggs on toast

Orange juice

Ginger Beer

Chocolate Oat Milk

Lemon Water

Hot Oat Milk Milo

and I ate a Quorn Schnitzel and oven baked chippies for dinner.

Definitely not a perfect day, but one I could swallow without a lot of effort, and hoping for the best tomorrow, with photos ha ha ha ha

Hope you all had a better day!!



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