Day Twenty Eight: Its been almost a whole month!!

Hi all,

I have actually run out of internet for this month (I know, I’m not coping well ha ha ha ha) but it will all be new and refreshed on the 30th, which is why the lack of blog posts!!!

Today in the mail I received some new products to try, I am going to ask the company I got them from if I’m allowed to put them on here, as the products I received are in the development stage from what I understand, but they are super cool and want to share with you all!! Basically its like having that green sludge shot of gross I have in the mornings with my juice put into a bar with dates and another fruit to make it pretty yum. If I can avoid that green junk I will be buying stock in these things HA HA HA HA HA HA 😀

So food wise I have been ok, have been looking more into the transition into raw foods, especially after some of the not so cool reactions I’ve been having from things lately. What I’m not loving is the healthier I try to get, the worse things seem to react with me, why does that happen? When I was 118 kilos, I felt a hundred times better than I do now. Not mobile-wise, or health-wise, but just better with digestion, I didnt have so much bloating and icky feeling all of the time.

3 or 4 years ago, I had the stomach of steel, I used to think I could eat anything, I would eat things you probably shouldnt because of food poisoning risks (yup, blerk) and would be completely fine. Now I look at a cheese and vegemite sandwich sideways (I had a pretty good look at two of them actually, last week, which is what caused all these belly problems I’m currently having, pretty sure) and they cause all sorts of inflammation, bloating, nausea, couldnt sleep, my skin has broken out, the list goes on and on…. What happened?

My friend calls it ‘food saturation’, which I used to call ‘Christmas Disease’, where for a few months, I would completely lose my appetite, and just feel full all of the time, and not want to eat much at all. It feels like after you eat Christmas lunch, where there is no way you are ever putting food in your mouth again, cause you are so full you have complete ‘food saturation’ 😀 I think my stomach has finally had enough, and is just rebelling against how I’ve treated it for so long. I know that if I have a day of juicing, some good foods for dinner and loads of water, I feel super good. I know that if I have a carb filled bread day with no juice and not so much water I feel revolting. So thats where Im at. Listening to whats going on and fixing it. Talking myself out of old habits and making new ones. The end goal is to transistion myself into mostly raw foods. Not because its fashionable, or because I want to be special, but because I am 32, almost 33, and Im sick of feeling like crap, plain and simple.

So I’m just putting it out there, just in case you ever come for dinner with me and I look like I’m being a bit precious 😉 I’m just trying to feel like a normal person does every day!!!

No food posts for today, the Revenge finale is on, and I’m going to upload this and have a relaxing night 🙂

I did see this on a raw food page, I heaps want it 😀 Awesome shirt 😉





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