Day Twenty Three: A New Beginning

Hi hi everyone 🙂 I’m back 😀 Uni is finished for this half, and I’m getting ready to relax for a few weeks. Kind of. Tonight I got back on the cross trainer after a VERY long break, I cant actually remember when I last did a workout, it was a couple of months ago, and was going to check except my stupid HRM batteries were flat boooooo, was almost not worth doing a workout ha ha ha ha 😀 I have used that as an excuse before, cant see how I’m doing? Then don’t do it. Not anymore, I’m on a mission…..

So…… today began my first day of juicing. I am sick of having this nose condition where it runs and runs and runs. I am also sick of this fat condition where I be fat and fat and fat 😀 I don’t know if you guys have seen the other blog I contribute to, I write on there with 4 other lovely girls about our fun condition of PCOS. If you want to read about all the trouble I have with my weight, you can read about it here:

Basically, I store a stack of estrogen. Estrogen likes to store itself in fat. It also promotes keeping of this fat because it doesn’t want to disappear, so it holds it in the body, to store more estrogen. Its really fun. I’m so hoping you are getting the massive sarcastic tone this post has had so far 😀 Anyway, my doctor has basically told me that I should get rid of the fat as quickly as possible, by however drastic measures, and worry about nutrition later. Yeah, well that doesn’t sit real well with a nutrition student. So what I’m going to do is juicing.

Have you seen ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”? If you haven’t, and you have a bit over an hour and a half to spare, you can watch it here:

It is completely brilliant, and some of the images, in particular when Phil is running in his street in the snow, where you see him exercising for the first time, its what gets me excited about becoming a nutritionist.

Anyway, the gist of it if you don’t have time to watch it is that this guy Joe goes on a juice fast for 60 days and changes his whole life, its really awesome. Before you all jump on the “oh Daisy, but you have to eat” bandwagon, you must know that I have already done this at the start of the year for a short period of time, and felt absolutely brilliant, and I also have the all clear to do it, even though the doctor DID recommend going on the synthetic, mass produced diet ‘meal replacement’ shakes that got my iron levels high and made me feel like junk. So there’s nothing you can say, I’m doing it. For me ‘calories in=calories out’ doesn’t cut it. Yes, the calories had to come in at some stage, the ones currently sitting on me were from pizzas past, like 4 years ago, not from what I eat now. Just so you know. You have seen what I eat, and a normal person eating that should lose weight, but I don’t and its not that easy.

I will still be eating one really good meal a day, plant based, a whole bunch of juice, and fruit and veggie snacks, so I’m not having only juice and that’s it. For example, this was my day today:

A huge lemon water first thing, then:


Beetroot, carrot, cucumber, celery and apple juice, plus a biogreens shot

Then I had:


My version of potato wedges, sour cream and sweet chilli: Sweet potato slices with avocado and sweet chilli, yum…..



Carrot, apple and celery juice

And dinner was:


‘Samosas’. I got the idea from an awesome page called My New Roots ( which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, I was a bit more lazy and didn’t do much for the filling, basically I got a pre-made Macro mild curry vegetarian burger and chopped it up, added a handful of grated carrot and shredded wombok, a tablespoon of tomato relish, a sprinkle of curry powder and some water to stick it all together, wrapped it in some rice papers and baked it in the oven, and voila 😀 Super yum samosas 😀

And that was my day. Other than my workout, where i always drink my AminoBol, I love that stuff. Its like an amino drink power I add to water, it smells like wet socks (its meant to be berry) ha ha ha ha ha but it works, I definitely feel a difference between when I have that and when I just have lemon water as im working out. Even if its all in my mind, that’s ok, as long as I get the job done really 😀

Looking forward to more juice tomorrow 😀



One thought on “Day Twenty Three: A New Beginning

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented lately- my silly internet hasn’t been working! U sound really positive & excited about this ‘new start’ so good 2 hear! Makes me smile 🙂 lov lov lov it xx

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