Day Twenty: Big sad face :(

Thats how I am feeling. I have been missing, yes šŸ˜¦ I haven’t been posting, no šŸ˜¦ I made it through my first exam not too badly I think, chemistry, and tomorrow have my maths and statistics in health 3 hour extravaganza of an exam, yay massive thrill, not :/ Although they say ‘open book’ unless you have an idea of what you are looking at and where to find it you have no chance. I’m thinking it will be ok, but still the stress is here, mostly because i do not under any circumstances want to have to take either of these subjects again in the history of the world, ever.

So thats where I am at right now, and at 5pm tomorrow afternoon I shall be rainbows and butterflies and happy dances in the street because I have a lovely 3 weeks off to clean and have visitors and drink coffee and do all the stuff I want to do before I like a crazy person, who has decided to pick up an extra subject next half, get back to work šŸ™‚ At least it will be good stuff šŸ™‚ I find motivation majorly lacking for many areas of my life if I’m having to do something that takes up a lot of time and I’m really not enjoying it.

Ok, so my faux vitamix arrived, and its awesome. I have never used a blender that you can make a smoothie from and not have lumps in it. Im serious. Its REALLY REALLY good šŸ˜€ After an attempt to make raw cacao truffles in it though husband was not as impressed as it didnt chop the dates up, so we have also purchased a food processor from ebay ha ha ha ha šŸ˜€ My kitchen setup is now complete šŸ˜€

My diet has basically been close to my usual ‘I have exam stress’ diet, although I did notice that last year, my exam study snacks consisted of corn chips, chocolate, Jarrah instant flavoured coffee, things like that, this year it was oat milk decaf coffee or milo, rice crackers, pumpkin dip and carob buckwheat slices. Little change, but still a change šŸ™‚

So back to almost normal tomorrow, I haven’t taken photos of my food today, or the past days, will start back up again tomorrow šŸ™‚

Photo on 2012-05-01 at 21.53 #3


One thought on “Day Twenty: Big sad face :(

  1. I was wondering where u were.
    Sounds like u have made MASSIVE changes since last exam period! U may have felt stressed & that u were going off track a bit but u r being WAY too hard on urself! U did fantastically, especially considering the stress of exams. Enjoy ur 3 wks off & I’m looking forward 2 ur posts over the nxt few weeks šŸ™‚ yay xx

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