Day Fifteen: Just a quick study break..

Hi hi just a quick one today, am studying super hard, after Monday I am free for WEEKS, you dont even know how stoked I am that this half will be over, it has not been my friend.

Anyhow, my coffee showed up today, HOORAY!!! It was so lovely and fragrant sitting there in all its swisse water decaffeinated goodness that I thought it deserved a photo:

IMG_0803It soon became this:


Was a bit flat on the foam ha ha ha ha 😀

My food today was pretty good actually, still a bit carby, not enough leafy, but not too bad, dinner was super yum. Before I was veggie I would hear veggie people say “Oh, all I can get is risotto, thats all anyone makes me is mushroom risotto”… personally I could eat risotto every day, I love it 😀

So my foods today were:


Scrambled eggs and toast.. the eggs were awesome and really orange, you gotta love some fresh eggs!!!


Lunch was interesting, I didn’t know what to have, looked in the fridge a hundred times and finally just made this, it is 2 green apples, steamed and mashed with sliced dates, almonds and chia seeds. My first ever using of the chia seeds, and not bad either!!! This was super sweet, I’m not sure I LOVED it but I was nice and full and didn’t need anything else until dinner, which was…


Super yum risotto yay!!!! Pumpkin and baby spinach risotto, tooooo yum 😀 And some leftover for tomorrows lunch, bonus 😀

Anyway, Ive taken way longer than the five minute break I was going to have, see you all tomorrow 😀



One thought on “Day Fifteen: Just a quick study break..

  1. Good luck with ur studying & exams lovely.
    Soooo lov campos coffee! I should get it delivered too. Is it expensive?
    Love the experimenting with yummy food! & ur too right-can’t beat fresh eggs!
    Keep going lovely lady xx

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