Day Fourteen: Caffeine is POISON.

If you have ever taken prescription amphetamine-based diet pills in your life and had a reaction to them (I have) then you would know how I am feeling right now, just from having one coffee this morning. Yep, one full strength oat milk cappuccino. It is no wonder drug companies put caffeine into over the counter ‘herbal’ weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant, because the last thing in the world I would do right now is eat. I also find it interesting that they do that and the tablets don’t work for a lot of people, I’m going to make a pretty good guess and say that those people are regular caffeine drinkers.

I have had a pretty bad reaction to the coffee in that my right knee is swollen up with heaps of fluid, I’m shaky, anxious, foggy in the head, and I just want to watch the Revenge finale and go to bed, instead of studying chemical equilibrium for my exam. I feel sick in the belly and have had a rash all over my face and neck for most of the day. Who would guess I used to drink like 3 diet cokes a day, a full strength coffee after dinner every night, and feel completely normal?

Its interesting that since I have ‘detoxed’ myself from quite a few things that were everyday foods in my diet that when I add them back in for a meal or two how bad a reaction I have to them. Caffeine is a big one, regular bread is another, and I wouldn’t even think about drinking a whole glass of cows milk, even though I used to drink milk like it was water (and incidentally drank close to zero water).

Oh, today was weigh in day also… Exactly the same as last week, told u :/


So a lack of appetite saw me eating not all that much today, I woke up and had my lemon water, then the demon coffee, and then this:


It was leftover pumpkin dip with veggie pasta and crushed macadamias, was really nice, could have done with some fresh parmesan though 🙂 You can see the size of the bowl next to my fork too, really struggled to eat it all though…

And this for dinner, was really not wanting food at all a this stage, so made the first thing I saw when I opened the fridge:


Which is a Quorn ‘chicken’ burger with tomato puree pasta sauce and a bit of cheese, and a piece of toast with tomato.

And that was it. Thats how revolting I am feeling from one coffee. Never again. Will be a better day tomorrow 🙂



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