Day Thirteen: Its going to be a busy week.

As I said yesterday, exams are this Friday coming and next Monday. So busy this week will be. When I get this busy I tend to just eat whatever is around regardless of what it is 😦

Instead, Im going to try watching what I eat, I did have 2 potato cakes today, I wasn’t even really hungry, just lack of energy and wanting something yum was it. I’m not going to worry about it too much, it was 2 potato cakes.

My food for today was a bit uninspired, had planned to make Quorn and vegetable pie, but time got away from me, its now tomorrows project, and will probably eat it most of the week because it will be quick and easy and not require much effort so I save all my energy for studying!!!

So, I did finally get my chocolate fix from yesterday, I ate a carob buckwheat slice, and a hot Milo for a snack, and maybe a sneak of lamington (see, was not good today 😦 ) but this session of uni is nearly over and I have some big plans for next week and the following ‘holiday’ period, am excited πŸ™‚

It’s also weigh in day tomorrow, I might mention that I’m at a time during the month where I can quite easily see the scales go up 2 kilos from fluid retention. And exactly a week later it will be back down to exactly where I had been the week before. Its crazy, I hate it but not much I can do except eat foods that agree with me and cause no inflammation or further fluid, and hope for the best :/

Food today:


Super yum juice, beetroot, celery, cucumber, kale and a green apple


Carob buckwheat slice and a hot Milo, mmmmmmmm

I also had a toasted cheese and tomato and avocado sandwich for lunch, but was a bit hungry and ate most of it before I got a photo. I know you are all sad to not see my sandwich…. ;D


And this was my dinner, I guess I was feeling a bit guilty about potato cakes and some lamington, I made my own version of the pumpkin dip, this had a can of chickpeas, steamed pumpkin, Moroccan spice, garlic and lemon juice, and it was yum. It will be even more yum next week with my faux Vitamix to make it all yum and smooth πŸ™‚

So I’m off to study intermolecular forces right now, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and long weekend xx


One thought on “Day Thirteen: Its going to be a busy week.

  1. Good luck with ur exams Daisy. Glad to see ur still being accountable & honest about what u eat & not beating up on urself too much, coz it really doesn’t help! (might I add, I still think ur doing really well, even on the ‘bad’ days πŸ™‚ )
    Love reading ur posts everyday. u always make me smile πŸ™‚

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