Day Twelve: I want chocolate :/

Yup, I do. I don’t often want chocolate, unless I’m one of two things: Its the week before exams and I’m studying my butt off (CHECK!) and two, I’m stressed (CHECK AGAIN.)I’m not someone who eats row after row of chocolate, or a whole block, or a packet of Tim Tams, blerk. I’m a salt eater, not a sweet eater. But sometimes a couple of pieces of chocolate would be really really good. Like now.

Next week I have my chem exam, and the Monday after my maths and stats in health exam. Yay thrill. Will be glad when this part is over and we can get started on some more nutrition based subjects, not that these aren’t necessary, they just aren’t fun. I’m not learning unless something is fun, or interesting, or full of pretty pictures that I can understand. (Oh, in case you don’t know I’m studying a Bachelor of Health Science Food and Nutrition.)

So to fill my chocolate craving Ive had 3 tiny teddies with their backs coated in chocolate, and 2 milos made with hot water and oat milk. Neither have worked all that well. If I had my new blender (I cant wait!!) I could have made my raw cacao truffles which would have done perfectly, hurry up blender!!

Todays food was this:


Tomato and avocado on toast 🙂


Quorn cheese and spinach schnitzel with carrot, wombok, beetroot, avocado, cheese and tomato relish, oooh yum 🙂



Pizza made from a wholegrain wrap, sweet potato, tomato, red onion, tandoori paste, a Quorn fillet, and avocado.

Plus 2 hot milos with water and oat milk, and a decaf cappuccino (I was one of THOSE people this morning, I took my oat milk to the cafe and got them to make my coffee with it :D). Oh and my usual lemon water.

Ive had a very avocado-y day today, must have been needing some good fats in the system. I think thats important, to listen to your cravings and see what you might be needing. Except that chocolate craving….. 😛 Thats more wanting than needing ha ha ha ha 🙂

What I’m actually finding difficult at the moment is resisting the urge to take my daily food diary and throw it through a calorie counter. I have counted calories for ever, and it obviously does not work well for me, other than to make me feel bad if I go over even a tiny bit. I had decided when I was going to do this that I would not put my food in a calorie counter, and just eat as close to nature as I can get, and hope it all works out. Ive obviously added more breads back in after last week, which I’m going to cut down on again, but other than that I don’t think I’m doing too badly. Thoughts people? Would love to hear some feedback from people doing a similar thing 🙂



One thought on “Day Twelve: I want chocolate :/

  1. I think ur doing well daisy! As close to nature, without depriving urself, I think is a good way 2 eat & live. I’m not sure about counting calories…it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, and as long as things r moving in the right direction, id say give it a miss. Keep it up lovely xx

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