Day Eleven: Going pretty good today!

Not doing too badly. Am feeling pretty positive about how I’m going right now 🙂 Which is a change, because by day eleven I would normally be GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD, NOW!!!!

But not today, I’m still having little bits of things that were ‘my old life’ and finding myself not really enjoying them like I used to. I actually find myself wanting a healthier snack or food. That makes me excited, like I can do this 😀 Like when I decided I wouldn’t have meat products any more, I was reminded tonight by reading Facebook that I tried to become vegetarian last year, and it was a massive fail. I thought yeah, I can do this, I already drink soy milk (which now Ive found is a BIG NO NO and had to swap to oat)  so I thought yup, easy. So I did what I guess a lot of non veggie peeps do: chuck in a bunch of tofu instead of whatever meat I would normally eat, and there you go. Guess what. Tofu sucks. I hated it. I lasted about a week and a half I think, and I hated it. So that was a bit of a fail. This time though is different. I think I started going off meat around Christmas time last year, had some for Christmas, but after jumped straight back in to being meat free. I did have some at uni because the gluten free vegetarian option was not particularly appetising at times, so a chicken salad was sometimes the best for the energy I need out there, but will be different this next time now that I’m used to what I need to eat now 🙂

So big news today, I bought a (replica) Vitamix 😀 Yes, a replica, some of my friends were on fb were raving about how awesome it was, and with the demise of my Magic Bullet blender last week I have been looking for something to replace it, so I bought one 😀 Cant wait for it to arrive, so many things I want to make!!!!!!!

SO food for today, it wasn’t perfect, but it did allow me some revelations 🙂 Breakfast was toast (Ive given up taking the photo of the toast, you all know what it looks like), then a decaf cappuccino at the cafe down the street. I love going out but I love the Campos swisse water decaffeinated beans that we love so much more!!!!

Lunch was seriously yum. And it proves that burgers you make at home can be awesome and full of salad and still be super yum 😀


So this is a Quorn burger, wombok (I’m loving that so much more than lettuce right now) carrot, raw beetroot, alfalfa, cheese, tomato, cucumber, bread and butter cucumber, avocado, tomato relish and mustard. A lot packed into one little burger, so I didn’t eat much the rest of the day….

I had a hot Milo (malted chocolate drink for anyone who doesn’t know) made with mostly hot water and a bit of oat milk, yum


IMG_0754Then dinner was this, I had reached the point of tiredness known to those with bubbas and who are also studying, and couldnt be bothered. I think these were once potato……

This was the food that made me realise that I like real food now, I used to eat heaps of junk like this all of the time, today it was flavourless and dry and I didn’t enjoy them at all. I then had a piece of toast with tomato and pepper on it. And that was it 🙂

I’m tempted to have another hot Milo while I read my book in bed actually, and I think its that time 🙂

Oh actually, before I go, I wasn’t going to post this but I will, I have been using the coconut oil to clean and moisturise my face for just over a week, am pretty happy with the results. I usually have blackheads all over my nose (ew gross) and each month I get a few really big yucky red bumps on my cheeks or hairline from the hormones, it sucks. So I took a photo to send to my sister today to show her the change, its not a very pretty photo, its my typical day look: PJs, hair back, tired face, but you can see my skin, and how clear it is 😀 I cant recommend the coconut oil enough 😀

This is the one I have:

IMG_0745And here is my face 😀


Until tomorrow xx


One thought on “Day Eleven: Going pretty good today!

  1. Looking good Daisy! So so good to hear that everything is going well. It sounds like ur a bit more relaxed about if u don’t have a perfect day, which I think takes the pressure off and leads to REAL better choices, not because u force urself, but because u WANT to. Well done lady! the new u is forming! Luv it!! Luv u xx

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