Day Nine and Ten: A lesson well learned….

Well you may have noticed a lack of a blog entry yesterday. Well, um, I didn’t want to post my dinner. That was why. I didn’t take a photo of it, I pretended I didn’t eat it. My stomach for a few hours after said otherwise, and I was going to be sick. I have learned my lesson and it wont happen again. I ate chips. And BATTERED FISH. OMG. Oily takeaway food, that I thought about for a long time before I ate it. Then laziness grabbed hold and instead of making my wrap which I was all set to eat, I said yes, ok, takeaway sounds like a good idea. WRONG WRONG WRONG DAISY!!!!!!! I ate about 3/4 of what I had ordered and put it down so fast because I thought I was going to have to run into the bathroom to be sick. I have never had a reaction like that before from food in my life. Not even when I was huge and would eat an entire pizza before stashing evidence in the bin outside so my husband wouldn’t see. I was totally functional after pizza. But last night…. no. I sipped lemon water half the night trying to restore some balance, and felt revolting. Lesson learned šŸ˜¦

Up until I ate that, this was my day yesterday:

IMG_0696Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple juice

IMG_0698Moroccan pumpkin dip with rice crackers

IMG_0699Tomato, onion and cheese (looks like theres heaps but there was hardly any!!)

and then the DEMON FOOD. And I mean it, NEVER AGAIN.

Today was much better, planned and thought out, and not a bad thing in sight:

IMG_0707Beetroot, cucumber, lemon, celery, kale and green apple juice

(Oh, if you are wondering, my juice is just under 500mL, I think this is a 16oz cup)

IMG_0708Macadamias with raw organic cacao nibs (they were different!! I’m thinking until I get used to them having them with a sweet dried fruit might be the way to go… yeah, different :D)

IMG_0709Mild curry burger and ‘coleslaw’ made from wombok (chinese cabbage), carrot, onion and fresh beetroot, lemon juice, avocado and some sweet chilli sauce

IMG_0710Veggies that went into tonights dinner!

IMG_0711Vermicelli, 1 egg, peas, corn, carrot, wombok, dried shallots, garlic salt, cooked with the teensiest scrape of coconut oil. Delish.

SO you can see today was WAAAAAAAYYYYY better šŸ˜€ Feeling better too šŸ˜€

So my thoughts on this ‘cold’ that has been hanging around for weeks, I’m thinking it might be symptoms of detoxing!! I finished Kimberly Snyders book last night, and as you transition into healthier eating, toxins can stuff you around and give you flu like symptoms and all sorts of other lovely stuff for a bit while you get used to eating right. Thanks body, thanks a lot :/

I wen to the local library today and borrowed a few vegan and wholefood cooking books, everything looks super yum and I’m loving that I am finding recipes that look completely awesome to me, not just a big salad, which is my idea of BORING. So I will be copying and trying out new recipes over the next few weeks yay, its exciting, I think Ive probably eaten the same old recipes for YEARS, trying new things is exciting, and I’m so glad I’m doing this šŸ˜€ Food and cooking is such a big deal to me, I love cooking šŸ˜€ Its hard when you get stuck in a food rut though, you prepare whats easy and what you know, stepping outside of that is a bit scary sometimes, but it can really pay off too šŸ˜€



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