Day Eight: Yay!!!

So, weigh in day, that’s what a Monday means to me, it used to be an every day (or sometimes twice a day) occurrence on a couple of other programs I was on, but have now got it down to only once a week. So anyway, got on the scales, thinking of that home remedy of corn chips for my cold, that was probably a big no-no, but:


Yay!!!! That’s 1.6 lost this week, or 3.5 pounds 😀 Cool 😀

So under a massive time crunch today I didn’t make a juice, but I’m all set for tomorrow. What I did have was:

2 toasts and the last decaf in the house…. We need to get more coffee!!!!

A couple of broken baked hash browns, an apple and some celery

And then the best part of the day, QUORN SPRING ROLLS YUM!!!!!

I usually make these with chicken mince, but I thought Id make them vegetarian and use chopped up Quorn fillets, oh they were good!!!

Cooking them looked like this, lots of yum veggies:


And eating them looked like this, I baked them in the oven with a teensy bit of spray oil, I usually grill them but saw on a raw food blog that a lady baked the rice paper rolls in the oven to make them crunchy, works out really well!


So that was my food day, will have a better one tomorrow, planned it all out and have some super yum full of veggies food coming up on the menu this week 😀 Have been looking into yum raw meals I can have, I dont know you you raw foodies do it in winter….

Yay for losing weight, yay!


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