Day Six: Sickness pushed me off track

Yup, it sure did 😦

I went to the supermarket (in the almost rain mind you, almost as in it was sprinkling and I had my hood on, while bubba sat in the lovely warm comfort of his cushy warm stroller with raincoat over the top) to buy myself some much needed oat milk, which I did get:


Oh, I didn’t mention yes, I only walk to the supermarket, I have had my learners license 8 times and have never gone for my actual license, hence the walking in the rain bit, in case you were wondering what I was doing ha ha ha ha

So yeah, I got the oat milk (yay coffee!!) and bought all the other shopping, then was stopped by this:


Quite obviously, seeing as this is a photo of them on my kitchen bench, I bought them. I will also add that they contained garlic for my cold and that is the story I’m sticking to.

So basically, my day was not fantastic for food, but I don’t want to feel bad about it (yes, I do feel bad, but it could have been worse), and tomorrow is another day….

I didn’t take any photos today, was feeling so rubbish, so heres what I ate:

1 piece of toast and an apple for breakfast

Corn chips for morning tea/lunch, with a coffee I made that I got 2 sips of before bubba knocked it over and spilt the whole thing 😦

Half an apple in the afternoon

My low calorie spring roll/rice paper rolls

Big oat milk decaf cappuccino for dessert, finally got my coffee!!

And that was it…. Corn chips occupy too much belly room, zero nutrition, didn’t enjoy them as much as I wanted to, and I wont be buying them again.

I think what I would like to do is make my own in my dehydrator, to Google to see how its done!!!!!!!

Have a nice Saturday night peeps xx


4 thoughts on “Day Six: Sickness pushed me off track

  1. I think they way to get over a cold is not just about eating healthy but eating food that makes you feel better…it may be chips, chocolate but why eat something that makes one feel even more crap.

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