Day Five: Must not try to think while sick :(

So here I am at day five, and the tickle on the throat from yesterday has progressed to a fully fledged head cold, the one I’ve been battling on and off for three weeks now, just go away!!!! So food for me has been interesting, and the title of this post says it all: Don’t make food while sick, just eat exactly the same stuff as one of your good days and don’t think.

Because what did I do? I had a giant full cream cows milk cappuccino. I can’t remember the last time I had one with cows milk, but I had unfortunately run out of oat milk and was not well enough to walk to the shop today 😦 So I said yes to the husband, who has been itching to make ‘a real coffee’ (read: not oat milk, soy containing, sugar laden, that sort of thing) for a few days, and has been disappointed by the stream of tea drinking, sugar adding, macchiato drinking guests we have had lately. SO he made me one, it looked lovely, but I was not even at the end of it when I blew up like I was 6 months pregnant and felt VERY UNWELL 😦 So, that was a big lesson, note to self, do not drink cows milk. Or try anything you haven’t had for a while that might not be in line with this type of eating style, because you will regret it.

What did I eat today? Well, I had my lemon water and 2 pieces of my toast, which I actually think I’m going to do away with the bread mostly after this week. I feel much better when I have a huge juice instead, so that is the goal for next week, a big juice every morning.

Lunch was SUPER yum, I was in a salt mood, so I made beetroot, sweet potato and red potato (skins on) chips in the oven. I have a tendency to be a bit lazy (blush) and not wash oven trays, so I’m only allowed to have one 😀 So to make my bowl of chips took like 2 hours because I have one tray, had to plan well ahead….. Oh, and a big celery, cucumber, carrot, apple and kale juice.


Then had bubba (yes hes 3, but hes a bubba :D) help me make veggie lasagna, he was in charge of ‘the leaves’ and the organic lasagna sheets and he did a great job 😀


So this is steamed pumpkin, baby spinach, red potato, pumpkin dip, mixed herbs, organic semolina lasagna sheets, tomato puree and white sauce I made from flour, butter and milk (a bit naughty) with a sprinkle of cheese on top (even more a bit naughty).

And then I had the stomach wrecking coffee. Am hoping to have a much better day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh a total side note: Ive been ‘washing’ my face with coconut oil and moisturising with it too for a couple of days, totally loving it! I highly recommend it, along with oil pulling which I will go into more detail in another post, but here is some reading if you are interested. I can honestly say that the oil pulling (or swishing as I call it) has a fantastic side effect of me never using a bleach/harsh chemical whitening treatment for my teeth ever again, just saying 😉 This girl is a big inspiration to me, her blog is fantastic 😀

and this for the coconut oil:




One thought on “Day Five: Must not try to think while sick :(

  1. Hope u get better soon lovely. Don’t feel too disheartened about today (u didn’t do too bad in my opinion) Just think of how far you’ve come. And well done for being accountable & honest. Luv u xx

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