Day Two: My new favourite thing

Am feeling great. Actually great 🙂 My mind fog is starting to clear, and I’m feeling super good! A little bit bloated, but pretty good 🙂 Here are my meals for today:



An apple, a stick of celery, a piece of the bread I can eat without feeling gross, with butter, and an oat milk decaf cappuccino.



Sweet potato soup and a piece of toasted rye mountain bread



Salad of baby spinach, roquette/rocket, carrot,celery, cucumber, apple, raw beetroot and a Quorn ‘chicken burger’ which is a vegetarian mycosporin/fungi based thing….

AND this was the best part of the day:


Raw Cacao Truffles 😀 mmmmmmmmmmm 😀 I may have overdone it and eaten 6 or 7, I lost count, but good to know I can make them if I need something sweet or chocolatey YUM!!!!

And the worst part of the day (I didn’t take a photo!!) was that I ate one potato hash brown. Oven baked, but still, a hash brown :/ My husband made himself too many and put it on a plate next to me while I was studying, and I ate it up without even thinking!!!!

So tomorrow is a new day, and am feeling the need for more juice already 😀 Last night I slept AWESOMELY, with no stress, I went to bed at 8.45pm and woke up around 6am, and decided to stay in bed until the bubba woke up at 8. Just feeling so rested, and with exams coming up I didn’t feel stressed or anything, just did my work and felt great 😀

A friend of mine suggested this site to me today, and I am totally in love with it, and cant wait to try EVERYTHING on it 😀

Also, I write in a group for another blog on here about PCOS, today was my day to write, check it out if you like xx

Until tomorrow xx


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