Day One: Oh thats so not cool :(

So up and ready to go on day one, here was the first thing I ‘ate’: A big glass of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed into it. Was really yum actually, I am a bit lazy (and a bit stingy) and used to use the lemon juice that comes in a bottle full of preservatives to flavour my water all day, every day, it was cheaper than buying lemons and I didn’t have to squeeze them :/


I then jumped on the scales, and this is where the title of this post comes in. I have been losing and gaining the exact same 6 kilos for a whole year, after initially losing 30 kilos through other means. This morning I was at the upper end of those annoying 6 kilos that just keep coming back!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!


So you guys will see HOPEFULLY this number reduce each Monday as I go along…. Oh I so hope so 😦

Anyway, I know we all have had drummed into us ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ for various reasons, but on one of the programs she makes a whole lot of sense by saying why are you eating if you aren’t hungry yet? Morning is a time to cleanse the body, not stuff it full of hard to digest foods that set you up for a day of tiredness and foggy thinking, so this morning I delayed my breakfast until 10.30 when I could feel the belly rumbling start. And then I had my juice, a beautiful combo of kale, cucumber, celery, beetroot, lemon and a green apple. It was AWESOME. The lemon gave it a bit of tang, and all of the other stuff combined made for a super yum juice. I also had a biogreens shot, just because that’s what I do, its a bit gross, like filling your mouth with grass clippings (not that Ive ever done that, but you get the idea :D) and yeah, that was breakfast πŸ™‚


After studying all morning at 1pm I started to get a bit obsessive about eating some salt. I have huge salt cravings, and the thought of salad for lunch got a bit much, so I ended up with vegie sticks, avocado and chilli flakes, and thinly sliced sweet potato, grilled, with a sprinkle of salt. Fixed those cravings right up yay!!!!


Was feeling great until 4pm, when I guess the detoxing took over and got SUPER big bloated belly BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! So stuck with a small vegie soup and a piece of bread that my belly tolerates pretty well for dinner (no photo, this isnt Instagram ha ha ha ha) and an oat milk decaf cappuccino made by the master barista of the house (my husband) and am about to go to bed, so early for me, I’m usually up for another few hours, but really wanting the rest today 😦 So all in all, I would say day 1 was a success, feeling good, and positive about tomorrow, see you then xx


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