So…. here I go!!!!

HI HI!!!! So, a bit about myself first, I am a 32 year old mum to a 3 year old little guy, I decorate cakes and I am studying nutrition at uni. You will get to know heaps more about me as I go along on this….. Oh, and I am also fighting my weight like most people I know.

My goal in the next month (and beyond) is to rid my life of all the negative stuff that is keeping my weight on: processed food, stress, binge eating, laziness, you name it, I do it wrong. I also have PCOS, estrogen dominance, gluten intolerance, and a lot of symptoms from these that drive me absolutely crazy on a day to day basis. And you guys get to follow me while I do it.

I am hoping from this blog to stay accountable, even if just one of you out there on the www reads this then I will feel like I have someone I need to stay on track for. Yes, it should be myself but that hasn’t worked so far!!

So tomorrow morning I am starting my new way of life, I am already mostly gluten free, soy free, mostly meat free and am hoping to use 2 great programs I’ve found recently that just totally appeal to me, Kimberly Snyders’ program ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ and Liana Werner-Grays’ ‘The Earth Diet’ to sort me out πŸ™‚ Wish me luck peeps, Im going to need it!!!!! Even though I am so keen for this change, to have some energy after years and years of being so completely exhausted just minutes out of bed in the morning, I have tried and failed at loads of things like this, just because it wasn’t sustainable, I got lazy, blah blah blah thousands of excuses. I have none at the moment. There is nothing holding me back except myself and my inner dialogue. So tomorrow morning Im going to take a huge breath in, drink my whole lemon squeezed in water and a big green drink, and get on with the business of being healthy. I have some huge goals I want achieve soooo badly, and one of those is to teach Pilates. In order to do this I need to super bendy and super fit, so I am hoping to be on the road to both tomorrow πŸ˜€ See you bright and early in the morning πŸ˜€

Oh, and a ‘before’ photo of me I took this afternoon, in my usual day outfit of pyjamas, so hot right now ha ha ha ha I’m not one for before photos in a bikini, sorry to disappoint ha ha ha ha


Oh and I almost forgot, these are the programs I’m doing:


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